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Newbie Question About Pokemon Figures

Hi guys!
A while ago I found an interesting question r0sehip posted about different Pokemon plush manufacturers and quality of their toys. You can find it here:

So my question will be similar but regarding Pokemon figures. I need a guide to which brands make Pokemon figures and if they are known for being of different levels of quality, using different materials and colors, being different sizes, or anything like that? Are they different depending on release dates?
I see Tomy figures here often and the newer ones seem to be much better than the older ones. Also please someone explain what Zukans are and are they better quality then the regular Tomy figures?

I'm a newbie to collecting Pokemon and so far I have just plushies in my collection but I want to start figures collection also. I'm looking for higher quality figures and prefer them to be matte as I plan to do some photoshoots of dioramas. Stay tuned. :D

I'll be really happy for any kind of advice you guys give me!

(credit: Leo.J)
Ash by Nendoroid, sleepy figures unknown. ;)

(credit: neutralemotions)
Matte Tomy figures
Tags: figures, zukan
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