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Sanei Lucario Size S/M comparisons, Figure auction lot + Sale!

Hey all,

I'm continuing to gradually clear out space with yet another auction lot up on eBay starting at low bid! Click the image to go!

My Sanei Lucario M (and Eevee M) size came in, so I did some comparison shots with the S size under the cut!

I expected to get a lovely large sized plush, and this sure met those expectations. Since I don't have the Heartland Lucario (not am I interested in spending a ridiculous sum for it), this is definitely the next best thing to go with~ Worth the price! I also really like how the M size is in a sitting position, so he rests on shelves, etc without any extra assistance, unlike the S size that doesn't really have anything to support its standing pose.

Overall, however, I was disappointed that the "minky" material used for the M size is cut shorter than what is used on the S size counterparts, so they are less soft. If size is not as much of an issue for you as a collector, but softness of the plush is, I definitely recommend the S size over the M ^^; Lucario is a main collection of mine so I fully intended to get both sizes anyway, but with the Eevee I mildly regret bothering with the M size, lol. (I dunno, there's just so many Eevee plush out there in general I've started getting pickier about collecting Eevee in particular though)

Lastly, sales plug!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Preview of new items:

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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