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Pokemon Plush Auctions!!! (Shiny Magikarp, Deoxys, Charizard, etc.)

Please do not start bidding until all threads are up!!! All threads are up! Bidding may begin!! =]
**Auctions end on Monday November 21st at 5:00PM PST!**

Hi everyone!!  I've been pretty inactivev in this community for the last two years due to school. I've decided to auction off my collection of Pokemon plush. It's extremely hard for me to part with these guys since I've spent so many years collecting them, but I'm hoping that they'll find nice new homes with loving new owners =]
I'm not sure how much these plush are going for nowadays, so I'll let all of you determine their value... hopefully my start prices aren't too high! >_<

Since there are so many items, I will be holding multiple auctions.

~ Currently shipping only within the USA.
~ I ship from Seattle, WA USA.
- If you are worried about an item being lost, please purchase insurance for postage. Otherwise, once it leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for it.
~ Starting prices do not include shipping costs and Paypal fees.

~ Please send payment via PAYPAL only.
~ When sending PayPal payment, DO NOT mark as "gift"
~ Please reply to the person above when bidding.
~ Please pay within 2 days (48 hours).
~ When sending the payment, please put your username in the memo, which items(s) you won.
~ Please bid in increments of $1.
~ No bid snipping during the last 5min of the auction ending (community sniping rules will follow).
~ Auction ends on Monday November 21st at 5pm PST.
~ If you want to combine anything from my sales posts, please let me know when the auction ends and I will provide you with a shipping quote! (shop link is below)



If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Giant Shiny Magikarp Plush (tush tag only)- Starts at $250

Pokemon Center Doll House Set (plush originally sold with tush tags only)- Starts at $150

Drilbur Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $17
Genesect MWT- Starts at $30
Scraggy MWT- Starts at $17
Gothita MWT- Starts at $17

Substitute Mini Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $20

Charizard Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $45

Axew Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $25
Ducklett Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $17
Tympole Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $17

Terrakion Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $25
Cobalion Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $25
Virizion Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $25

Pachirisu Mini Pokedoll- Starts at $5
Chespin Plush- Starts at $12
Froakie Plush- Starts at $12
Totodile Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $25
Froakie Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $17
Celebi Pokedoll #1 (tush tag only)- Starts at $10
Shaymin Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $20
Celebi Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $15
Spheal Plush MWT (tag wrinkled)- Starts at $15
Leafeon Pokedoll (fake)- Starts at $7
Oddish Plush- Starts at $7
Cottonee Plush- Starts at $12
Chespin Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $17
Celebi Pokedoll #2 (tush tag only)- Starts at $10
Snivy Plush- Starts at $12

Deoxys Attack Pokedoll- Starts at $30
Deoxys Speed Pokedoll- Starts at $30
Deoxys Defense Pokedoll- Starts at $30
Deoxys Normal Pokedoll- Starts at $30

Sleeping Pachirisu Plush (tush tag only)- Starts at $15
Sleeping Pichu Plush (tush tag only)- Starts at $15
Waffle Phampy Plush (tush tag only)- Starts at $15

12" Leafeon Plush (tush tag only)- Starts at $15
12" Glaceon Plush (tush tag only)- Starts at $15

Minccino Plush MWT- Starts at $12
Arceus Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $20
Zoroark Pokedoll MWT- Starts at $20

**If you have any questions please feel free to ask!**

Tags: arceus, blastoise, charizard, deoxys, glaceon, leafeon, magikarp, minccino, oddish, phanpy, pichu, plush, pokedolls, zoroark
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