Pretty Pink Guardian Lala (princesshakuryu) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Pretty Pink Guardian Lala

Some awesome finds in DFW!

Hey there! I wanted to share some awesome Japanese merchandise finds in the wild while I have been out! Im here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, United States. Any local collectors might want to check these places out!

Movie Trading Company in Plano (next to the mall!) had these cute strap keychains for $2.49. Are these legit!? I bought a few of them anyways because they are so adorable! I also saw these being sold in a boutique in the Hmart in Carrolton, TX a few weeks ago although they only had oshawott and meowth.


Okay so I bought a few of these guys: Nara, Kyoto, and Osaka eevee. I am wondering if these 3 on the left are authentic? I looked at a few listings of these straps from Japan and these look to be the real deal! I have a bootleg strawberry cake version of these on the far right that I got off ebay a long time ago-you can tell by the text that it is a bootleg compared to the others. But are the 3 I got official treasures at an insane bargain? If these appear to be authentic I want to head back up to MTC and buy all the eevee variants!

ThinkGeek in Arlington, TX (inside the mall upstairs near food court) had this ADORABLE Munchlax bag! I regret not buying it.... T_T They also sell the Gamestop exclusive 20th Anniversary plush and even had a good stock of Mew! I wish this store wasnt a 2hour drive from my house- I just so happened to be in that area for work related purposes. Is $19 online on their website, $24 in store.

This is part of the plush wall at Anime Pop in Addison,TX! All items in this shop are 1000% legit and the owners are so confident that they allow you to take pictures! (That Sylveon is gone. ^3^)

Lastly I found these at the H-Mart in Plano, TX! I grocery shop here and noticed these yummies!

Lotto chocolate crisp wafers+sticker ($1.79 retail)

Ochazuke seasoning packet+two stickers ($2.99 retail)
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