laurenbachmann (laurenbachmann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Gets and Figure identification?

Hello poke-people! just wanted to share some awesome gets and ask for a little help identifying some figures

these are the figures that happened to come with my gets and i know nothing about any of them.. at first i thought the small ones were FCS figures but they arent.. and i have nooo idea about any of the others.. the Cubone has some kind of ball or marble in his base?

and heeere are my gets!.. Green Bulbasaur, Lime Venusaur(hoping to trade for green), Copper Marowak, Silver Pikachu Keshimon, Silver Venusaur Keshimon, Silver Dratini Keshimon(sooo cute!) and *insert drumroll* LUCARIO!!! I cant believe i own a Lucario metal! He WILL be going up for trade but ONLY for the Gunmetal Lucario ^-^
Tags: figures, gets, metal figures
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