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Finally a gets post after 5 months + ebay sales

Sometimes busy, sometimes lazy, I haven't made a gets post for 5 months :O
Actually, I have to admit that since this summer I've lost a bit my interest for collecting. It's probably due to the lack of space and maybe also to the excesive numbers of merch released :s Thus I had no motivation for update (here or on my website). But my passion for Pokémon is still alive and strong :3
So here I come to share with you my lovely recent (and less recent lol) gets o/

Let's start with the Little Tales Carousel plushies

I really love these plushies because they are beautiful and original. I put them around one of my bed poles like if it was the axle of a carousel (but I don't think the picture reflects the effect well haha).

And now some group pictures
Plushies :)

I won't comment too much because I love them all. But I'm really happy when they release Shiny merch which are not lottery prizes haha

More plushies

I'm glad to have found this Flareon Canvas (one of my favorite Eeveelution) for a very decent price. Actually, the Canvas insane prices era seems to be ended.

Figures :)

The lack of space made me focus more into figures rather than in plushies. So I finally succumbed to the Pokken Tournament tentation (I tried to resist though ^^). I love the fact that this brand show Pokémon in another way, less cute and more shady.

Clear file folders

Pokken Tournament again ^^ I'm so happy to finally own this gorgeous Lumiose City clear file <3

Pikachu shopper bags

Shopper bags and more

These clear plastic cards are really nice :3
By the way, I finally managed to get all the Evil Teams ones :)

I haven't updated my sales post for a while. That's why I give you my ebay sales link
I'm okay to sell off ebay o/
Shipping for non-flat items is a bit expensive but keep in mind that it's almost the same for 1g or 1kg o/

Thank you for reading :)

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