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⦿ Last Chance Frozen Quick Sales Post! ⦿

I am officially a week and a day away from moving, and I'm doing my best to sell extra items I have weeded from my collection. I've decided to downsize the number of plush I have, and only stick with 2 plush max of each, while mostly sticking with charms, keychains, and pins. Items will be re-listed on ebay as well.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on February 28th, 2016
My feedback is located HERE
All PKMNCollectors Community Rules Apply.
I am not selling to non-community or banned members.
I am not selling to international members at this time, sorry. Middle-men are encouraged if you're adamant. :)
Please CLEARLY indicate whether you are simply looking for a quote, or are looking to commit to an item. Otherwise, the user who clearly states commitment will receive priority.
Used items come as they are; I will describe the condition to the best of my ability. If you need more pictures of items, feel free to ask!
PLEASE allow at least 48 hours for my reply, as I have periods where I am not able to reply right away. This courtesey is also extended to potential buyers who are commiting.
Please don't delete your comments; simply reply to your own post if you wish to disregard something.
Items come from a smoke and pet-free home. However this might vary depending on whether or not an item I have has a history of past ownership with pets.
Paypal fees and S/H will be included.
I take feedback very seriously, so it would be greatly appreciated if it's given when you get the chance after receiving your item.
I delete comment threads as items have confirmed arrival to save message space and stay organized.
Trades = Commitment as well. Also, items with an asterisk (*) are open to trades.
If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask!

I ship from AZ, US
Haggling is not accepted, unless OBO is indicated underneath item.
Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees; this will mean using the 'Pay for Goods or Services' option.
Prices are in USD and method of payment is via Paypal. However, I can accept concealed cash within the continental US. Please be aware that not only is this riskier, but WILL take longer since I will not send out an item until payment clears.
I do not do payment plans unless the total exceeds $75. If going this route, it is necessary for the balance to be paid within the time span of one month.
Payment is expected within 48 hours of commitment. Not doing so will result in neutral/negative feedback. DO NOT commit if you feel like you will not be able to make this time window. If you run into a speed bump, please let me know, and we can work something out, especially if there isn't anyone else looking to buy afore-mentioned item.
I tend to re-use boxes and packing material when I’m able to reduce the overall cost. If you have a preference for either one, please indicate this in your post. Depending on the nature of the item(s) boxes will be used to ensure your item's safe arrival.
I am not responsible for packages after they leave my hands. If you need insurance, let me know! This will cause the price to go up.
I’m aiming for Thursday as the shipping day. That way, it reduces the amount of trips to the postal office are reduced. Sometimes work/classes/other obligations will arise, therefore I'll maintain close contact with you if the situation calls for it. However, I generally ship when I have the time on off days.

Plush at this point in time are being cross-listed on eBay
Please feel free to watch to watch to watch this store front in coming days for that item you might have wanted! However, if items are claimed here, they will be subsequently removed from the latter there.

Mega Sceptile Plush (MWT, $50)

Miscellaneous assortment of figures Lot (varying condition, $25 or OBO)
- Hydreigon lottery figure
- Large Takara Tomy vinyl figure Black Kyurem
- Jakk's Zekrom (re-assembled)
- Black Kyurem clipping figure
- White Kyurem clipping figure
- Resolute Keldeo set figure
- White Kyurem Tomy figure (8cm)
- Unknown smalle Black Kyurem figure

Gym Leader/Elite 4 Clearfiles Remaining: Burgh, Clay, Elisa, Caitlin (MIP; $10 each or $20 for for all 4)

Tags: hydreigon, keldeo, kyurem, sceptile, zekrom
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