ku_bek (ku_bek) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Claims reminder - Alola metal charms and Alola keychains ^-^

Hello guys!

This is just a quick reminder about my claims for Alola metal keychains/charms ^-^
I'll be getting them within about 2-3 weeks, each keychain is $4 and shipping would be $1.7 worldwide no matter how many keychains you get ^-^

Every keychain in still available up for claims except Rockruff!
Click HERE or on the pic to be transported to claims post ^-^


Also I still have open claims for Alola figure keychains, these are coming out in December! (so I should have them in hand in January I guess) Each keychain is $6 except for Pikachu which is $4. All keychains are still available for claims except for Litten (you can still claim it but I can't promise you that I'll be able to get needed amount). Shipping for these is going to be $1.7 worldwide as well ^-^

Click HERE or on the pic to be transported to claims post ^-^


And that's it, hope you guys are doing well and having fun playing Sun and Moon! :D
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