Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New art prints/postcards for sale

Hello everyone! :3

I´ve some new artworks available for prints! The prints are in postcardsize on high quality glossy photopaper and handsigned on the backside. ^^ Shipping worldwide is 1$, no matter how many you buy.
Everyone else under the cut! Thanks for looking! :D


- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- I ship from germany worldwide!
- All prices are without shipping & paypal fees
- I accept Paypal only
- Shipping is without insurance and without tracking - please tell me if you want insurance & tracking! Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost packages!
- Shipping costs 1$ worldwide, no matter how many prints you buy

- The prints are made on glossy photopaper on postcardsize (A6)
- Each print is handsigned on the backside
- Price for 1 print is 3$ - if you wanna buy more than 2, you can handle! :)
All artworks are made by me traditionally with colored pencils and black ink.
You can also see my works on deviantart: pikabulbachu.deviantart.com

Available prints:

 ~ Zigzagoon and Skitty in Littleroot Town ~

~ Bulbasaur and Zigazoon on a flower field ~

~ Pokemon Secret Base ~

~ Cute Pokemon living in a Forest ~

~ Surfing Alola Raichu ~

~ Zigzagoon and Mudkip surfing ~

~ Eevee and Zigzagoon in the City ~

~ Bonnie finding Dedenne ~

~ Squirtle and Meowstic funny ~

~ Swampert and Quilava Fire/Water drawing ~

~ Brionne with Heart Candy ~

Thanks all for your interest! :)

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