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Pokemon Festival Event (London)


I'm not sure how viral it was but for those of you who didn't know - Pokemon Festival was a private launch party event for Sun and Moon in London last night and I thought I'd share a few snaps :D

Over all it was an extremely fun (and free!) event - It was all Alola themed with free drinks and some of the most delicous hot dogs I've ever had.
And there was an extremely special guest there *w*

Take a little peek at the pics!


This cosplay group were amazing - I kept seeing them running around causing trouble aahhaa~

Cute little carnie games to play. You could win either a S&M keychain, Pokeball fridge magnet or a real nice quiality Rotom Pokedex note book!

Baarrr with unlimited soft drinks ;D

We got grabbed to do a Q&A about what were looking forwards to in Sun and Moon and what our favourite Pokemon was!
I was quite litterally just like ''bats i love bats all the bats, this bat that bat zubats woobats noibats bats''
They said it would be on the Nintendo Youtube but I pray it isn't LOL.

The whole crew rocked up B)
I was wondering all night if it was kids in the costumes because they didn't even come up to my shoulders lmao.

And this, was the absolute best part of my night and definitely a highlight of my life.
Shigeki Moriomoto was doing signings - programmer of most games and the man behind Mew itself! It was the hardest thing ever trying to decide what I wanted signed ;w; I'm still buzzing now from it all!

He drew a mew as part of his signature on everything!

Annnddd heres my swag!
My signed copy of Yellow, the Rotom cool notebook I won off the carnie games, my copy of Moon with figure that arrived thismorning anddd the Lunala display box for the 2DS :3 (It's huugee!)

As I mentioned in a post I did before - I'm on the prowl for any Lunala merch now, please please feel free to tag me ;w; I need my fix of space battys. Thanks!! <3
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