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Looking for Stufful and Bewear

Hey, everyone! So far, I haven't seen much come out for them aside from a Retsuden stamp and upcoming Tomy for Bewear, but nothing for Stufful. I've waited years for a red panda Pokémon, so I'm trying to get whatever I can for them, even customs! Please let me know if you're selling any or know of any that are coming out. :)



Also, can I just say that I almost cried in joy when I reached the point with Stoutland in the new game. Like, seriously. Dream come true. And I can only hope this means there will be new Stoutland merch coming out. I freaked out and practically leapt on my boyfriend to show him, hahaha.

So, as always, looking for any (literally any, magazine clippings, stickers, etc) Lillipup, Herdier, or Stoutland merch that I do not currently own. So, just send me pics or links to what you have and I may be interested!
Grail wants are the Herdier and Lillipup AEON buttons. (And the Jakks Lillipup proto, but I'm not holding my breath, lol.)
High wants are also the Retsuden stamps. I have Stoutland already, but I would be interested in a second one as I use the first one.

Thanks in advance! :)
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