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Pokédoll Sales! Genuine MWT Japanese Pokédolls! Blastoise, Munna & Original 2012 Release Slowpoke!

Hi guys, I'm still alive! xD Just busy busy busy and not really all that much is going on in my life right now in regards to collecting...Yeah I got the Nidoran F & Oak badge that came out this year and the Victini Pokédoll mentioned in this post...but that's pretty much it for...MONTHS! xD I AM however enjoying playing Pokémon Moon this evening and I'm thrilled that I finally found myself a Rockruff! I'll be training him up once I've got this post all done and dusted! =P Also...I missed my PKMNCollectors anniversary this year xD My 2nd! ...This is also the 2nd time I've missed I suck! xD I'd feel a little awkward posting about it nearly 20 days later maybe I'll just do a re-intro post at some point soon to compensate? =)

So why am I posting now?

Because...I managed to get a hold of a trio of lovely Pokédolls this morning (well..there was four but I needed the Victini that was included for my own collection xD) and I'm offering them up for sale! I'm an avid Pokédoll collector myself so can confirm from both my own experience collecting and by comparing these dolls with my own same dolls in my collection that these are genuine Japanese release Pokédolls! Not bootlegs!) Only selling these guys since, as I stated, I already have these three guys in my collection! xD

Why buy the Japanese releases? Usually, Japanese Pokédolls are a lot better quality and have a better shape than their American releases...and of course they also have that adorable tag art and shape which is a lot more desirable to collectors than the bland square black and white tags that American Pokédolls have. Japanese are just cuter all around IMO! =P

Preview! (Also, please note, these Pokédolls are cross posted elsewhere so may sell somewhere else depending on the timestamps of the posts!)

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015.

-My Feedback is HERE!
-ALL Standard PKMNCollectors rules apply.
-I will not sell or trade with any banned members, non PKMNCollectors members or members who I deem to have too much negative feedback.
-All prices are shown in £GBP as I am based in the UK. Please check the current currency conversion rates for £GBP to your native currency before committing to buy. I accept only PayPal payments at this time.
-Prices stated do NOT include shipping prices or any potential PayPal fees.
-I ship from England, UK and will ship internationally.
-Purchases will be sent using Royal Mail and packaged with recycled materials where possible. Please let me know which Royal Mail service you require when asking for a quote! (1st class, Special Next Day etc...)
-Shipment will occur once payment has been received in full.
-I will allow reasonable haggling. If my prices are very off, please provide an example of a recent sale of the item in question and I'll see what I can do =)
-Commitments have priority over quotes. Please state clearly whether you are fully committed to buying or just asking for a quote. Committing to a sale and then backing out will result in a negative feedback being left.
-Payments for all items are required to be sent within 24 hours.
-I am not responsible for items once they have left my hands and keep all receipts of shipment and can provide on request. If you are concerned by this, please opt for a tracked method of shipping,
-I am usually a fast shipper and live nearby a Post Office branch. I try to ship all items within the first week of receiving full payment but if any delays occur, buyers will be notified promptly.
- I do NOT provide refunds or accept returns! More detailed pictures of items can be provided upon request if you are at all concerned about an item's condition! Please just ask! =)
-All items come from a smoke and pet free home. If you have any other allergy enquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Please Click the Pictures Below for a Fullview! =)

A MWT Japanese Blastoise Pokédoll (2013 Release): Overall, the plush itself is in excellent, mint condition (the vinyl lines on his shell have NO cracking whatsoever and there are no holes. Fabric is still lovely and soft and un-pilled). His tag is in good condition with just a bit of minor splitting/fraying/whatever you like to call it on two of the star's points down at the bottom of the tag. No obvious creases and will come as pictured.

Asking £28 for him before shipping and fees.

A MWT Japanese Munna Pokédoll (2010 Release): Again, the plush itself is in perfect condition. Lovely and soft, solid and just as she should be. The tag, as pictured has seen better days and does have a good few creases. No tears however so the tag hangs very securely from the plush still.
Asking £15 for her before shipping and fees.

and finally...

A MWT Japanese Slowpoke Pokédoll (ORIGINAL 2012 Release (Not Slowpoke Day Re-release): Plush again, is in lovely perfect collectable condition (there is one VERY minor loose thread on the left nostril which you might be able to see on the pictures, but it's tiny and negligible). The tag has some splitting'fraying/whatever it is on the edges at some of the star's points (five of them) but no obvious creases or tears as pictured. As shown in my pictures, I've compared this Pokédoll with my own (mine is the Slowpoke Day re-release from 2015) and this comparison clearly shows the differences between the releases. This Slowpoke has lighter colouration on the tag art (on both Slowpoke and the dark blue edges of the star), the safety information on the back of the tag is arranged differently and the plush itself has a more defined mouth shape! This original 2012 release is far rarer than the 2015 Slowpoke Day Re-release and is the reason this Pokédoll was priced at upwards of $100 before the re-release! A must for a serious Pokédoll/Slowpoke collector! =D
Asking for £40 or around that before shipping and fees.

As stated in my rules, prices are in £GBP and all items are shipped from the UK. Prices do NOT include shipping or fees and are the responsibility of the buyer. Ask for a quote if you're unsure of shipping costs to your country! I do ship internationally! Paypal "Payment for Goods" only please.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! =)

Many thanks for looking and take care too!

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