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Official Merch Lot -- SUPER CHEAP!!

Hello everyone! Im sorry for my absence here on LJ! College has been keeping me busy along with my costume projects. Im still working on making a website that teaches people how to refurbish, clean, and customize merch its just going really slow due to real life stuff..

BUT! I do have a great deal for you all! Im selling a huge lot of official Pokemon merch!

I need it out of my house and the money will really help me afford to get a few Christmas presents for my little cousins. Here is a preview, to enlarge the image and see my seller info click under the cut!

I am selling all of these items for a mere $45 plus shipping and paypal fees!!

Its a great deal for all that you get, and if your looking to make money you can re-sell these items and make a nice buck! I just need them out of my room and need fast cash for the holidays so...

Lot info:

Comes with plushies, figures, books, misc electronics and a hat! None are MWT since they were toys my best friend had when she was little but most (if not all) are official!

Seller info:

-I ship from the United States (GA)
-I have dogs and parrots in the house but they don’t touch the merch.. keep this in mind if you have allergies!
-I typically can ship orders weekly
-I ship using USPS. All orders have a tracking number! Shipping depends on the item bought. I will ship internationally but any orders outside of the USA will have higher shipping.
-To claim the lot, write “I commit” at the beginning of your comment, then tell me the item(s)you are wanting to purchase! If you just want a shipping quote then ask for one following with your zip code.
-After you commit you have 24 hours to send the payment via PayPal.. buyer is responsible for Paypal fees! Everything is first come first served!
-I do not accept haggling or payment plans!
-I will not accept trades!
-NOTE most items here do not have tags and may show signs of love! If they are MWT or are near new I will state so in the image product. If not then assume they dont have tags.. this is another reason why everything here is cheaper.
-This is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE SALE! The first person to commit gets it!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you have a happy day!!

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