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Magma's Auctions Round 2

I'm here with a second round of auctions~

I was granted sales permission on August 7, 2015 by areica96

*I ship from BC in Canada and only accept PayPal. Payments must be made in USD. No banned or non-community members allowed. *All community rules apply. *I do ship internationally.
*Important shipping notes: My shipping fees are based on the exact cost of shipping + my personal costs for the packaging (recycled if possible). Ask for tracking if you would like it. International shipping starts at 8.13 for a package, 1.80 for flats in an envelope. *I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods. Please make sure you get insurance/tracking if concerned. *My home is completely smoke and pet free.
*If you bid and win I expect payment within 24 hours of commitment. However, if there is an issue, please speak to me, and we can work something out! Otherwise, backing out of a commitment may lead to negative feedback.


Now onto the items.

Entei Third Movie keychain starts at 5$

Forretress Stamp *ink is dry but it is in brand new condition otherwise, comes with packaging* Starts at 1$

Full sheet of Hoenn pokemon nametag stickers starts at 5$

Mew keychain ( mew floats around when you move the keychain) starts at 5$

Hoenn hanky mip starts at 5$

Pichu bros keychain mip starts at 5$

Pokedoll notepad starts at 10$

Glitter holo Suicune amada starts at 1$, Furret starts at 1$

Jirachi coinpurse starts at 10$

Rayquaza pikachu strap (card for size ref nfs) starts at 5$

Please wait until threads are up to bid
Tags: entei, forretress, furret, jirachi, mew, pichu, pokedoll, rayquaza
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