miniterasu (miniterasu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Want post and Sale updated with over 10 new Pokedolls! Including the very rare JP Blaziken with tag!

Hello everyone! I am here today with a tiny want post (my goodness... I don't remember the last time I did a want post)

I am looking for a Canvas Riolu with the tag in good condition ($15-$20), a 2007 version of the Japanese Riolu Pokedoll with the red star tag ($15-$20) and a 2009 version of the Japanese Lucario pokedoll with tag ($25-$35). I can't buy all 3 unless I can get them from the same seller.

(I am sorry if I stole your picture/s, I will remove if you don't want me to use it/them)

I also added over 10 new Pokedolls in my sale journal :)

no title

If you are looking for a specific Pokedoll don't hesitate to ask me if I have it! I really want to downsize my collection, but it's really hard...
Please note that I only have regular size pokedoll and no special releases. Just normal pokedoll

Thanks for looking!
Tags: blaziken, lucario, riolu, sales
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