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Oh my goodness, guys. This Popplio.

I knew I wanted to get the big Popplio plush cause I like him so much. But I didn't expect to see HOW big.

Guys, he's... gigantic. I'm not kidding. Or at least, when I first saw him out of the box.
The Pokemon Center site said 15x15x17 inches, but he easily could be 20. 15 is somewhat of a lie!
He's absoluetely the biggest one I have.
It's so adorable and great to hug and such. But I've got to be honest too, I've always found it odd with plushes that are bigger than the Pokemon in-game...
I checked his height in game,and it's 16 inches, 1'04".
I'm honestly taken aback at how big he is. But I adore him, absolutely.
I get to use this avatar, too. It's exactly how I feel.

Ok, so I checked, I measured, he's 18, almost 19 inches... but even in this photo, he seems like he's just 17 or so. He's an illusion. :o
Around similar height as most of my big ones, but he just seemed so much bigger at first.
I even put him near my Chespin and Lugia, who I know are two of my biggest ones. Here, he looks... about the same, just slightly bigger. And it's not TOO far off from in game height either.

But he's so cute though, nonetheless. The shock will wear off.

Any fan of Popplio (who understands his size) should really get him! Just buy something else so you can save on what I would believe to be really large shipping costs.
OH, side note, is anyone having trouble tagging Popplio? The site doesn't seem to recognize that word as a tag.  
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