Laura (juumou) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plush, figures, and Raichu pattern at discounts!

Hey y'all! If you're feeling crafty, I'm selling Umbreon and Raichu patterns:

Custom plushies:
Wooper Roll: $57->$49
Drifloon: $33->$28

Prices negotiable if you buy more than 1 item. Prices don't include shipping. I ship from the USA.

All plush are new with tags, Japanese release (except Mawile)
Clefairy Ditto: $15->$12.00
USA release Mawile Petit: SOLD
Meowstic female and male: $18/ea->$14/ea
Furret MPC: $50->$44
Cottonee MPC: $12->$9
Drifloon Petit: $38-> ? (make an offer)

Mew, Vaporeon, Tyranitar kids: $3->2 ea
Tyranitar battle museum: $4->$3
Pumpkaboo American Tomy with stand: SOLD
Tyranitar charm: $6->$4
Pikachu & Mudkip artist pins: (1 free with purchase)

Feedback link:
Feedback link 2:
Sales permission had been grandfathered.

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