frugrow (frugrow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Auctions and sales!

Feedback: link
Sales permission: granted by lineaalba in 2007
I accept payments by Paypal only.

*I ship from Canada
*Prices in US Dollars.
*Prices do not include shipping.
*I will hold items for 24 hrs, but please don't put things on hold unless you intend to buy them.
*I reserve the right to not sell to you for any reasons such as rudeness to me or other members, bad feedbacks, etc.

== Auctions == Ends at 8:59 pm PST on Dec 2nd (Friday)

Arceus lottery figure: starts at $50

Darkrai lottery figure: starts at $75

Giratina lottery figure: starts at $100 (original box included - not pictured)

Shyamin lottery figure: starts at $150

Giratina vinyl figure: starts at $15
Arceus vinyl figure: starts at $15

Shaymin Sky vinyl figure: starts at $20
Shaymin Land vinyl figure: starts at $20

Eeveelutions sprite charms: all starts at $15

Eeveelutions stamp package: whole package starts at $20

Rotom Can badges: whole package starts at $20

Each complete chain starts at $20

Pokemon Mate: each pair starts at $15
N/Boy/Girl keychain: starts at $10

Clear Arceus Tomy figure: starts at $15
Arceus Jewel of Life pendant: starts at $25
Darumaka bell charm: starts at $15


Various straps. All are $12 each. Get $1 off for each additional strap one you purchase. Must be on the same transaction!

Eeveelutions straps: $15 each or $125 for all 9 (save $10)

Black Kyurem and White Kyurem keychain: $5 each or $8 for both
Eevee/Pikachu/Sylveon metal charms: $12 (will not separate)
Pokemon With You rubber bracelet: $5
Tags: arceus, auctions, charms, darkrai, eevee, eeveelution, eeveelutions, espeon, flareon, giratina, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, pokedoll, sales, shaymin, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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