drfsupercenter (drfsupercenter) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for 20th Anniversary "Plush in a box"

Hey guys,

I completely forgot about these - I have gotten all of the 3DS events, but forgot they were making plushies too.

The first one I was able to get is Darkrai - the plush for May, exclusive to GameStop. I got a few of them in hopes I could trade some.

So the ones I need are:

Mew (Feburary plush, GameStop exclusive)
Celebi (March, TRU exclusive)
Jirachi (April, TRU exclusive)

If anybody wanted to sell (or trade for a Darkrai) one of these, please let me know! I do want the complete package, with the bag - it's part of the item. Thanks
Tags: wants
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