Nymphali (roussil) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for a few things.

Hello ! It's been a huge while I posted, I think last time was in early July. I have been meaning to post about my trip to Japan and what I got there - I had amazing luck with Sylveons ! I got some things in the mail after coming back home as well, and the next Sylveon plush is only scheduled to release on April, so I will have plenty of time to post a collection update.

I have recently been selling a lot of my previous collections, so I'm looking for a few things now ! I'm not sure to be able to buy everything in one sitting because I am waiting for the shipping quote from my most Taobao order, which will probably come this weekend or on monday.

First of all, I'm looking for this Leafeon and Glaceon postcard to complete my set. Then, I'm very interested in the January monthly Pikachu pair that releases tomorrow, to match my Maiko Pikachu and another non-Pokemon plush. However, it seems to be pricey. If anyone has one for sale, may you give me a price and shipping quote ? And finally, I wonder if someone has the Sylveon WITH YOU can badge for sale ?

Shipping for all items would be to France,

Thank you !!
Tags: glaceon, leafeon, pikachu, sylveon, wants
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