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Zukan sales, rare Rayquaza sale, and small gets

I have decided to sell most of my zukan. Mostly being the case that I'd prefer to keep the ones I really like! The others don't interest me too much. I will be getting more tomorrow, however, so watch for some updates tomorrow night. Plus I found a model jet that I really really like and it's kinda pricey 8') I've been slowly weeding out my pokemon collection and replacing it with model airplanes. I am keeping all of my Giratina and Rayquaza though without a doubt kngfhjkh There's still some zukan I want, so feel free to offer a trade/partial trade! Goodies such as Gyarados, Arceus, Rayquaza, Salamence, Tyranitar, Dusclops, Jynx, Kingdra, Arcanine, and more!!!
Preview of sales;

Link to sales -

I also have an electronic Rayquaza up on ebay! Starting bid is at $50 and it ends in a day.

Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96

Onto the tiny gets~

The last Giratina plush I needed. I paid a lot more than I wanted to for this but u kno

This lot of Giratina cards. I'm keeping one, but I plan to sell the rest (19 to be exact), so drop a comment if you want me to mention you in a next post for these cards~

And finally, another MIP Giratina Jakks. I just need two more before I have all of the releases.

That's all I got pokemon wise recently! I've been mostly dropping money on model planes lately fgkjf
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