Risha Moon (risha_moon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Risha Moon

Looking for Cards!

Does anyone have these Japanese CP5 Mythical & Legendary Dream Shine Collection cards for sale or trade?

Also looking for these cards from English Generations -

10/83 LeafeonEX
18/83 MegaBlastoiseEX

Generations - Reverse Holos

3/83 Caterpie
5/83 Butterfree
23/83 Gyarados
27/83 Raichu
33/83 Gastly
51/83 Clefable
55/83 Doduo - maybe
67/83 Poké Ball
69/83 Pokémon Fan Club
72/83 Shauna

And these from English Evolutions:


2/108 MegaVenusaurEX
13/108 MegaCharizardEX
21/108 BlastoiseEX
42/108 Zapdos
52/108 MewtwoEX
101/108 MegaCharizardEX
104/108 PidgeotEX
105/108 MegaPidgeotEX
106/108 DragoniteEX

Evolutions Reverse Holos

8/108 Tangela
11/108 Charizard
19/108 Ponyta
34/108 Gyarados
47/108 Gastly
51/108 Mewtwo
63/108 Clefairy
67/108 Raticate
68/108 Farfetch'd
69/108 Doduo
70/108 Chansey
73/108 Blastoise Spirit Link
81/108 Pidgeot Spirit Link
88/108 Switch

Other Wants:

- Any Houndour, Houndoom, or Zygarde 10% merchandise I don't already have. Especially Houndoom EX/FA/Spirit Link cards from Breakthrough in languages other than English and Japanese.
- Topps Foil Pokémon Johto League Champions Houndour card.
- Any Rockruff/Lycanroc merchandise I don't already have.
- Japanese Legendary Shine Collection cards: Reshiram, Hoopa, and White Kyurem, Regigigas.
- Korean PokeKyun cards: Flareon FA, Pikachu FA, M Gardevoir FA.
- Any PokeKyun/Generations cards in languages other than English, Japanese, and Korean.
- Canadian sealed English Toys-R-Us 20th Anniversary promos of Pikachu and Magikarp
- Any French GAME stamped 20th Anniversary promos

2013 French McDonald's Promo Cards -

Poncho Pikas:



I don't have any info other than the images of these Japanese promos. I might be missing other Poncho Pika cards that I don't know about but I do have quite a few.


I have many cards for trade including EXs, FAs, and promos mostly in English but also Japanese, Korean, French, German, and Portuguese. And possibly some in Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. I also have a bunch of TCGO codes, especially from Evolutions.


If anyone is waiting on replies from me, please let me know. I just sent messages to psychmoonshadow, mlle_chantilly, and m14mouse.

~ Risha
Tags: cards, charizard, eevee, eeveelution wanted, eeveelutions, espeon, flareon, genesect, glaceon, houndoom, houndour, latios, leafeon, manaphy, pidgeot, pikachu, trading, umbreon, vaporeon, victini, wanted, wants, xerneas, yveltal, zorua, zygarde
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