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Eeveelution Prints, Stickers, Buttons, and Charms for sale!

Hello community! Boy, it's been... literally years since I've posted here. Life and other interests have kept me away, but with the holiday season in full swing, I figured it was a good time to come back and post about my Eeveelution prints and other merchandise. :3 I've created these over the past couple years for artist alleys, so perhaps you've seen them floating around the market if you've been looking or at cons (or possibly Tumblr as they've gone quite viral over there!). I never advertised them here previously, so here I am to do so!

Sales permission granted by Dakajojo on October 13, 2010.
My Feedback

Rules and Information
1. Please follow all community rules!
2. I own a cat! She stays away from my merch and I've kept most of these things away from her but be aware of cat hair if you have baaad allergies!
4. Committing and then backing out will result in neutral or negative feedback. If you want JUST A QUOTE, please be clear!
5. If you confirm the purchase, payment is due within 24 hours of receiving payment info.
6. I will not be accepting payment plans for my merch, sorry!
7. Shipping is from New York, USA and I will ship internationally (but cannot promise Christmas arrival considering the date, sorry!).
8. All packages are sent First Class or Priority if they are too heavy. Delivery confirmation is included for all US packages. Please let me know if you want any additional services and I will adjust your total.
9. If your order totals over $75, you must also pay for insurance if within the US. I can NOT be held responsible for lost packages!!
10. I reserve the right to deny my sales to buyers who I deem untrustworthy or not worth my time.

Please click image previews for full size images!

Eeveelution prints!
8.5x11'', printed on cardstock or photo paper with gloss finish
$10 each, two for $15, three for $20!
$45 for the full set!

Eeveelution charms!
About 2'' wide each, wooden charms, artwork on one side with gloss finish
$12 each, three for $30, full set for $80!

Stickers (same art as charms) and buttons!
Stickers are roughly 3'', printed on weatherproof glossy paper and die-cut to shape.
Buttons are 1.5'' diameter and feature a fun holographic sparkle!
$3 each, buy 2 get one free!
$15 for the full sets!

These sales will be up indefinitely, until I run out of stock. If you'd prefer, you may also purchase these items at my Etsy shop! (though I do not have the stickers on there currently)
Thanks for your time and feel free to ask any questions! ^_^
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