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New gets and repaints

Today I recieved the Tomy figures I bought from Clicky797! Thank you, they're amazing!
This coin was on my Lance's collection wishlist!!

But I really would like to show you Cameron, my almost-done Mega Camerupt!! I ordered her with a great artisan here in Brazil! Roze has an really amazing job!!

I don't have a great job just as Roze's, but I try to make something!
These days I was trying to complete Lysandre's team, but I wanted the figures to make size scale (or close enough) between them and with a Nendoroid figure. It was missing only Mienfoo and Mienshao, they're really hard to find!! Ok, I've found these bootleg(?) figures from them here in São Paulo. For my surprise, Mienshao and the little Mienfoo has exactly the sizes I need, but this color pattern, it doesn't help!!

After some hours, some ink, love and motivation, here are my new Mienfoos. I had to repaint all the face from the little one. I drew it freehand! ^^"

In fact, I have to say I'm sad for Mienfoo and Shao not having even a Zukan set! :(

Ok, See you!
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