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Keshimon gets/wants and figure identification

Hello poke-people.. i just recently got some more keshimon and im so excited.. given that both colored pokedexes come with the same 2 sheets of pokemon im pretty sure those are the only gen 1's that were made *sobs for lack of cubone* and i can now have a proper wants list! Also in one of my lots i got what appeared to be a keshimon but now that it's here im not sure if it's even a pokemon.. it's the same size as the keshimon and looks like it could maybe be a totodile but the arms/claws look too big.. then i thought it might be a digimon but it doesnt match them either! Does anyone know what this lil guy is?



wants list

Squirtle- Silver and Gold(i have a gold already but he's tarnished)
Mewtwo-Silver and Gold
Fat Pikachu-Gold
Jigglypiff- Silver and Gold
Nidoran M- silver
Bulbasaur- Gold
Pidgeotto- Silver
Charmander- Gold and Silver
Ivysaur- Silver
Dragonite- Silver and Gold
Gastly- Silver and Gold
Psyduck- Silver
Charmeleon- Gold
Hypno- Silver and Gold
Vulpix- Gold
Wartortle- Silver
Mew- Silver
Chansey- Silver and Gold
Charizard- Silver and Gold
Drowzee- Gold
Poliwag- Gold
Farfetch'd- Silver and Gold
Pidgey- Silver and Gold
Voltorb- Silver and Gold
Seel- Silver and Gold
Sandshrew- Silver and Gold
Clefairy- Gold
Diglett- Gold
Eevee- Gold
Raichu- Silver and Gold
Kangaskhan- Silver and Gold
Geodude- Silver and Gold
Arms Up Pikachu- Silver and Gold
Arms down/feet forward Pikachu- Silver
Pikachu on Stump- Silver
Jolteon- Silver
Moltres- Silver
Zapdos- Silver
Articuno- Silver
Tags: metal figures, wants
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