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A few questions and my updates sales!~

Hello Everyone! Just finished Moon, great game! Lots of funs, dont have it yet? Get it! Totally hoping for a Cosmog/Nebby plush so I can keep him a bag. Heh. And a few questions!

Also, is anyone know if maybe the team pikas will be coming to US pokecen? I'm holding out because I like 3-4 of them but not sure. I know its unlikely for the mario ones but the team ones I have hope xD JUST SAW THE SKULL ONE POSTED BELOW OMG. Maybe they were just waiting for that to release to release them all together, I can dream right?

Anyone here know where I can see a list of all the sanei pokes? Recently got a cubone one, couldnt resist. Want to see which others will decide to tempt my wallet xD

So the tomy moncolle figures, is there somewhere to see those as well? Because I do want some figures of certain sun moon ones and such but I'm seeing the toysrus has only the clipn carry pokebal for $15? And I dont really have use for the balls so 15 for a figure is a bit excessive, but saw the moncolles go for like 5-7 or something cheaper.

//As far as gets, Got the 1;1/Trainer size Popplio, and I must say he makes a great cuddle buddy ^_^ No pics of him atm, but hes huge and cuddly and worth the money 100%

Anyways, Just a little sales post I decided to update and throw together.

My old post is very outdated so do not post on it~
Heres an updated post with stuffs ^_^

This is DrZoidburger's Permanent Sales Post!

I will just update this as I put things for sale ^_^

Due to the hectic holiday season I will not ship international, so USA ONLY!!!

I guess I better tell you my sales policies so you know what they are before munchlax gets hungry and gobbles them up D;

I was granted sales permission on June 30th, 2016 by areica96!~
Oh, my feedback? You can view that here! http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/drzoidburger/
I ship from Virginia, in the unites states.
As of right now, I will not accept haggling. This may change in the future if I determine an item isnt selling well etc.
All prices are in USD.
Prices do not include paypal fees and shipping unless stated.
• I am only willing to accept paypal!!! Sorry :c
• If someone has asked about an item, I will allow them 24 hours to decide to if they want it. If they answer, they have another 24 hours to pay. If no answer, It will become up for grabs again.
• As for holds, right now I am not accepting them since alot of this cheap items, if I ever add more pricey items, I may be ok with holds.
• If the mailman messes up, I cannot be held responsible! I am not the mailman! If you want insurance, make sure its going priority.
• If you commited to an item, and I dont heard back from you within 3 days, or you do not pay, I will leave you negative feedback. I'm sorry, but please don't waste my time :(
• DrZoidburger, I don't agree with your prices, I think they are crazy!!! Well, I am sorry. But these are the prices I feel is fair, and if you disagree, I completely understand if you wish to not buy from me :3
• If you've read all of these rules, please tell me in your comment, that Litten is your favorite Sun/Moon starter so I know you read the rules. And because lets face it, Litten is the best.


Okay, so since I cant just wave a wand and have it magically appear in front of you, I'm going to have ship your item. Here are my shipping info:
• I can ship first class, the cheap one for $3.50 but since I dont have bubble mailers at the ready, it may take up to 2 weeks for me to obtain one and ship your item. Mainly because when I receive payment, I transfer it to my bank, so I can use that funds for the mailer. Banks like to surprise us by going both fast, and slow, so that is out of my control.
But but...I need my item FAST! For priority, it will be $7 for shipping.
I can ship via envelope and stamp for $1, if you order like 2-3 things, but know that it might get lost, and I only shipped it a couple times (with no problems) but it is still out there. And it will take up to 2 weeks.
•  I do NOT do local pickup, I dont care if your 5 minutes away, I wish to only ship items, I am so sorry if that will bother you.
I do ship to hawaii and alaska as well as the other states, but I think shipping might be more? I dont know. But I see alot of people saying they dont ship there. So i'm willing to TRY to ship there, and if your item gets lost etc I'm sorry, but at least then I can say I tried!
•  Most of the time, I use ship labels! Sometimes the post offices like to "avoid" scanning these, so if it seems a bit since it was updated etc, its the post office messing up, not me!

Any other questions? Did I forget something completely important that I look like a complete idiot? Please...let me know xD

Well, I'm sure you didnt come here just to read my rules. So I guess I better show you what I have to sale!

DX Zapdos Figure $8 OBO

Metal Coin Things $1 each: Patrat, PorygonZ, Vaporeon, Keldeo, Hypno, Rattata, NIdoking, Moltres, Magneton, Lugia

Pokeblocks Thingies (Really bad at product names I apologize!) $1 each

$3 each

$1 each

$1 each (ORANGE MUNCHLAX NFS, Not sure how it got mixed in ;-;)

$1 each

$2 each

$2 each

Rotom Binder for TCG, 4page. $5

Darkrai: $5
Rest $3 each

34 vs cards- $10 obo takes the lot

$3 each (MAGNETS)
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