r0sehip (r0sehip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Series 5 and 6 Kuttari on US PC Website--Sort of?

Hey everyone, I might have accidentally stumbled across something sort of interesting while googling the current availability of Cubone kuttari plush...kuttari series 5 and 6 have pages on the US website but are currently listed as out of stock.


Awake Cubone -- Sleeping Zorua -- Sleeping Vulpix -- Awake Growlithe

I haven't seen any announcements about kuttari series 5 and 6 getting US releases, nor have I seen them show up in the new releases section of the PC website, so I'm assuming that these pages are placeholders for future releases (maybe coming soon?) rather than items are already sold out? What do you guys think? Does anyone know if it's usual for the US PC website to make placeholder pages for products in advance like this?
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