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Name Change, Reintroduction, and Collection Update!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays (or the time off of school/work if you don't celebrate anything). I come here under a new and improved name: zygarde2! I decided to change my name to fit more with my favorite pokemon/my collections, so butterfreeboy is no more!
I've been playing moon and I beat the elite four with my team (primarina, shiny alolan marowak, midnight lycanroc, toucannon, tsareena, and alolan raichu). Did you guys get sun or moon? If so, who's on your team?
I guess I should do a reintroduction since I've been kind of inactive in the community, so here it goes! I'm zygarde2, but you can call my zygarde or b, I'm 17 and I've been obsessed with pokemon since I got my first game and ds back when sinnoh was first released with diamond and pearl. I've been a part of the community since july of 2015, but i mostly lurk and buy stuff rather than posting. I collect mostly plush and figures and my main collections are zygarde/puni-chan, gengar, popplio, sleeping pokemon figures, pokemon petite plush, and the 20th anniversary card and pin promotions. Some of my favorite pokemon types are ghost, water, fairy, and grass.
Under the cut, you can find pictures of my collection so far.

I'll start off with some of my awesome gets from christmas! I got moon when it was released so I could play and avoid spoilers, but it was technically a christmas present (hehe, whoops). I also got the PC Popplio (which, btw, is SO soft and cuddly!) and some amiibos.

Here's my puni-chan plush collection! There aren't many plushies of this guy, but these two are so cute!

Next is my gengar plush collection! There are some customs mixed in there :3

These are the custom plush that I've gotten, either commissioned or I bought already made. The gengars and banette were done by vulpes_canis and the jumpluff was made by whitechocoheart , both here on the community.

Here are my two secret base plushies (these are also VERY soft)

And here are my beloved pokedolls! Pokedolls are probably my favorite plush form because they're all so cute!!! c:

My two canvas plush are here, but sadly they're missing their third of the trio (if you have uxie, i may be interested!)

These are all of my Jakks plush, most of them are from my childhood and bought at walmart (my sister drew eyes on zubat because she felt bad that he couldn't see)

My two kuttari plush. They're fun to stack up

And this is what I call the "random plush" pile, which consists of random plush that don't really fit into any of my collections.

This is my pikachu build-a-bear plush I got last year for christmas (and remains my snuggle buddy)

These are my pokemon petite plushes that I display with thumbtacks on the wall (and the sun/moon promotion poster in the background)

These are my zygarde figures that I have, which I put on the mantle near the puzzle cats

And finally, here is my collection of sleeping pokemon figures so far!

If you went through my collection, then thank you for looking! I know it was big and long, but my collection has grown a lot since I first joined a year and a half ago.
I'm just gonna put my wants list here since christmas just came and stuff. My biggest priority for wants is the 20th anniversary stuff and the sleeping figures.

Thank you so much for reading!
Tags: collection update, introductions, wants

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