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Rare Item Auctions - Jolteon and More!

Hello, pkmncollectors! I hope everyone's been having a great holiday season!

This week, I'm posting another batch of auctions, most of which are Jolteon, but there are some other Eevees and a few non-Eevees in there as well.

I also have a few flat-item/sticker eBay lots to share.

Happyjolteon Auction Preview with Jolteon Items

* I have been a member of pkmncollectors since 2007, and received grandfathered sales permission from denkimouse in 2008.
* My community feedback can be found here.
* I will be shipping from the US by USPS. Auction bids do not include shipping, packaging materials, or fees. Shipping costs start at $3.00.
* If an item doesn't sell at the start bid price, it will be available for straight sale at that price after the auction ends.
* I take payment by PayPal for everything,and can also take check/money order payments from people in the US if the total is over $10.
* I will accept payment plans, but per community rules, each person is only allowed to have one payment plan open at a time.
* This is a community auction, so the auto-extend anti-snipe rules applies.
* I won't sell to pkmncollectors' banned members.
* I'm not really looking for trades right now, but would still trade for any Dialga items on my wanted list.

First, here are the eBay auctions:

Auctions ended

Latias and Latios Full Art Cards
(or, comment here and I'll sell either or both straight on LJ for $20 each)

On to the auction items!

All auctions will end next week on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017, at 9 am CST. You can find a countdown timer here.
Please wait until the thread exists for your item before commenting or bidding!

I’ll start with the non-Jolteon non-Eevee items, since there are so many Jolteon this week.

Pokemon Houndoom and Pichu Bros VHS Rental Cover

This paper was an insert for the rental copy of one of the Gold/Silver Japanese VHS tapes. There is a light water stain on the inside of the back (corresponding to Houndoom's shoulder and where it says VHS rental, it's barely visible from the front) and a little wear on the bottom edge of the front. The spine is a little faded, but not nearly as much as other covers I had, and the front and back images are still pretty bright.
Straight sale at: $5

Pokemon Shiny Flygon Kids Figure

Official shiny Flygon Kids figure in excellent condition. Back view.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Skitty Banpresto Plush

I didn't collect Skitty, but I bought this plush because its smile is just adorable. Measures about 14" tall and is in good condition with all tags attached. Tag front Tag back
Starts at: $30

Pokemon Absol Magnet

This is from the same series as the Latias magnet I was auctioning last time, from a rubber magnet set I bought on It's in good condition, but the sides have warped up some, as they did on the other magnets I had. Measures about 2 3/4" square.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Wind Chimes

Vintage Banpresto wind chimes. I haven't opened these to look at them, so I don't know what they're made of or what they look like in full. Side view
Start prices:
Articuno ($5), Gengar/Haunter/Gastly ($5)

Pokemon Tomy Figures of Persian and Lucario

Three old school Tomy figures, bought on Yahoo Japan. Both Lucario are special versions (clear and pearl). Somehow I have an extra Lucario base... Back view
Start prices:
Persian ($5), Clear Lucario ($5), Pearly Lucario ($5)

Pokemon Lucario Riolu Soothe Bell Strap

From a cute Diamond and Pearl series featuring Pokemon with items comes this Soothe Bell with Riolu and Lucario, since it helps them to evolve. New in package.
Starts at: $8

Pokemon Meowth Pokemon Center Wooden Strap

A neat Japanese wooden Meowth strap with a bell. I believe this was from the Meowth Festa promotion in 2009.
Starts at: $7

Pokemon Dialga Stickers and Flats

Now here's a lot for other Dialga fans! This group contains a bunch of my duplicate Dialga flats, such as: 7 bromide cards, 2 different VS cards, 13 Amada stickers (plus some duplicates), 3 3D/lenticular Amada, 4 Topps cards, 4 different pan stickers, 2 ramen stickers, and a Retsuden magnet.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Mega Lucario Plush and Can Badge

Mega Lucario Japanese Pokecen plush and PokeCen sealed cookie can badge. The plush has some bending/creasing to the tag. Tag photo Tag front
Start prices:
Plush ($5), badge ($2)

Jolteon and Eevee items!

Pokemon Center K Uno Jolteon Gold Necklace

Jewelry designer K*Uno has produced some fine jewelry for the Pokemon Center, and Jolteon was fortunate enough to be included in the lineup. All pieces were made to order (not available just by walking in and picking one up), and came in three types: silver, yellow gold, and pink gold, each at an increasing price. I bought the silver and yellow gold ones, but held off on the most expensive, pink gold. Mine are still in their original boxes and have only been opened to admire and take photos. I don't think they've even been displayed, since I haven't had my Jolteon collection out since I bought them. The pendant is about 1/2" tall or wide, so this isn't a loud piece of fan jewelry.
Pendant closeup
Both pendants also come with this special Pokemon Center bag. I don't know what all they were sold with, but this is the only time I've seen them, so maybe it's a K Uno special.
Start price: $500

Pokemon Center K Uno Jolteon Silver Necklace

See above. This is for the matching silver necklace. Pendant closeup

Start price: $200

Pokemon Jolteon Bell Plush

The amazing and adorable Jolteon bell plush, new in box! This was a star item in my collection for many years.
Starts at: $400

Pokemon Jolteon Retsuden Stamp

Jolteon Retsuden Stamp. The stamp is in excellent condition, and both stickers are still glossy and not faded, with only minor scratches.
Starts at: $50

Pokemon Jolteon Toyopet Promotional Watch

Toyopet (Toyota car dealerships in Japan) offered these plastic children's watches as a prize in summer 2013. It seems that you filled out a questionnaire and had a chance to win a prize, and if you won this rank of prize, you could pick from one of the 9 Eevee evolution designs. Since the watches weren't available in stores and availability was limited, they're rather hard to find. I bought my Jolteon on the community and have kept it new in package ever since.
Starts at: $50

Pokemon Jolteon Pokemon Time Figure Strap

New in package Pokemon Time figure strap.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Eevee Collection Pokemon Center Binder

Eevee Collection Card Binder. I used this to store my Jolteon cards, so it's seen some use, but hasn't gone to collector events, conventions, or anything like that. Note that it does NOT contain the Eeveelution TCG cards that were in here originally, though I still have some of them for sale if you're looking for them. Back view Inside view
Starts at: $15

Pokemon Jolteon TCG

Here we have a selection of Jolteon TCG, mostly Japanese. The autographed card is signed by Kagemaru Himeno, the card's illustrator. I didn't have it signed myself, so I can't vouch for its authenticity, but it looks similar to his autograph I see elsewhere and he has done autograph events, so it seems possible that it's legitimate. The English Jolteon star card is the original, not the silver-bordered World Championships release (though I have that one too).
Start prices:
Kagemaru Himeno signed card ($5), Jasmine's Jolteon ($5, Corocoro Jolteon ($5), e-reader Jolteon ($8), TCG Binder Jolteon ($5), Jolteon Star English ($20), Jolteon Star Japanese ($20)

Pokemon Jolteon Cards and Stickers

More Jolteon flats! The cut out spot was a blank space showing a card that's in the previous group of auctions. The cards are listed in the order they appear on the page (1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9, going from upper left to lower right).
Start prices:
Marumiya Card Sticker 'Thunders' ($2), Marumiya BW Card Sticker ($2), Vending card facing away ($2), Vending card angry ($2), Lenticular vending card with Eevee ($3), Clear plastic card ($3), Carddass card ($2), Clear plastic Italian card ($3)

Pokemon Jolteon Plush

I <3 Eevee line hanging plush, never displayed or played with.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Time Jolteon Items

Pokemon Time Jolteon items:
Start prices:
Clearfile ($3), Mascot plush ($3), Rubber strap ($3)

Pokemon Time Jolteon Candy Tin

Pokemon Time candy tin, complete with bling. Probably does not have candy in it.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Japanese Kuttari Plush

Here we have both Japanese Jolteon kuttari plush. These have never even been displayed, as I bought them while my Jolteon were not out, so they're in great condition with all tags.
Start prices:
Sleeping ($5), Awake ($5)

Pokemon Jolteon Drumpf Plush I Love Eevee

The Jolteon trump card plush from the I Love Eevee series.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Rubber Straps

Three kinds of Jolteon rubber straps!
Start prices:
Face strap ($1), smaller sitting strap ($2), paw out larger strap ($2)

Pokemon Center Happy Party Time Glasses

Happy Party Time drinking glasses! I used these for a while, but they've held up really well and I don't see any flaws on them.
Start prices:
Teal ($5), Pink ($5)

Pokemon Center Espeon Canvas Plush

The classic Espeon canvas. It has some creasing on the hang tag at the connector. Alternate photo here.
Start price: $5

Pokemon Yutaka Yumi Shiny Umbreon Plush

I bought this plush many years from a community member who commissioned it from Yutaka Yumi. It's made of fleece, with the eyes painted onto something (plastic?) and then applied. Alternate photo
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Large Backpack

This is a little kid's grade school backpack, but a full size, can-carry-college-textbooks pack. I think these were made in 1999 or so, so I was really happy to get a Jolteon one in brand-new condition. I used it for storage at home and may have taken it to college some, but it's still in very good condition with bright colors. Measures about 17" x 12". I think this will need to be shipped in a box too, unless you don't mind it really folded over. Top detail
Starts at: $20

Pokemon 151 Collection Jolteon Badge

A new in package Jolteon 151 badge from the original Japanese release.
Starts at: $8

Pokemon Jolteon 151 Figure Stamp

This Jolteon stamp is from a series that featured all 151 first generation Pokemon, and some from the second as well, so I'll call it the 151 Stamp.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Stylus

This Jolteon stylus is from a 2013 Gachapon series.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Argentina Pog

A Jolteon pog from Argentina, dated 1998.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Battle Dice

I managed to collect 3 of the 4 rare Jolteon battle dice, but never did find the C variant. (You can see all of them in full color here.) Click the full size image to see which version is which. Each is about 1" tall, and the back has a spiky Jolteon butt too.
Start prices:
A ($20), B ($25), D ($20)

Pokemon Jolteon Battrio and Tretta Pucks

Here are several Jolteon Battrio. I'm offering these as a group.
Starts at: $6

Pokemon Jolteon Bento Box

An official, new in package Jolteon bento box. Measures about 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" in box. Never opened or used.
Starts at: $12

Pokemon Jolteon Thai Bottle Cap

This is part of a Thai promotion in 2001 that featured all of the first 150 Pokemon. Jolteon has a light scratch on his face.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Eevee Collection Candy Tin

Jolteon's tin from the 2009 Eevee Collection promo.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Canvas Plush

The 2009 Jolteon canvas plush. One of the ear seams came loose somehow (or was like that when I got it and I didn't notice for a long time), even though it was only displayed, but a friend sewed it up for me and now I can't even tell where the split was.
Starts at: $15

Pokemon Jolteon Ceramic Mug and Box

This simple mug has a rather unique and interesting design, where the larger Jolteon is colored by smaller yellow silhouettes. Choose from new-in-box or loose (displayed).
Start prices:
Boxed ($10), loose ($6)

Pokemon Jolteon Chibi Kyun Chara

Jolteon chibi Kyun chara figure, complete with base and box.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Chibi Stampers

All three colors of Jolteon chibi stampers!
Start prices:
Pink/Red ($10), Blue ($10), Green ($10)

Pokemon Jolteon Cloth Coaster

A cloth Jolteon (and Flareon) coaster from 2009's Eevee Collection.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Pokedex Charms

Here are both Jolteon Pokedex charms. I believe the standing one is from the 2009 release and the sitting one is from the 2011/2012 release.
Start prices:
Standing ($5), Sitting ($3)

Pokemon Jolteon Dog Tags

A new in package set of American Jolteon dog tags. Dated 1999.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon DX UFO Plush

The DX Jolteon plush from the I <3 Eevee series. In great condition with tags and UFO string.
Starts at: $6

Pokemon Jolteon Square Stamp

This square stamp is from the House of Eevee (La Maison de Eievui). Never used, only displayed.
Starts at: $4

Pokemon Jolteon Eevee Collection Cup

This cute little tumbler is from the 2012 Eevee Collection promotion. Measures about 3 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" diameter at the top. I only displayed it, but some of the design appears to be fading/flaking off.
Starts at: $2

Pokemon Jolteon Dog Tag

This dog tag is from an AG era European set. There is some scarring on the front and wear all around.
Starts at: $1

Pokemon Jolteon Eevee Collection Charm

This round charm is from a 2008 Eevee Collection set.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Holon Phantoms Japanese Half Deck

Holon Phantoms Japanese Half Deck, featuring Jolteon. I haven't opened it, but the sides are a little creased from storage.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon <3 Eevee Standing Keychain Plush

A standing Jolteon keychain plush from the I <3 Eevee series.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon I <3 Eevee Sitting UFO Plush

Here's a 5 1/4" - 6 1/2" tall (depending on whether you count the ears) Jolteon UFO plush from the I <3 Eevee line. In very good condition with tags and UFO string.
Starts at: $12

Pokemon Jolteon In Case Figure

The very rare Jolteon in-case figure. The mold is the same as the chibi stamps, but the base is different, so they're not interchangeable.
Starts at: $20

Pokemon Jolteon Jakks Figure

The nifty and posable Jolteon Jakks Pacific figure.
Starts at: $15

Pokemon Jolteon Keshimon Figure

And another rare Jolteon metal figure is this gold keshimon, in excellent condition.
Starts at: $15

Pokemon Jolteon Sparkly Sequined Strap

These nifty charms were released in Animate in late July 2013. It feels like an embroidered patch, but both sides are covered with reflective sequins. I have one on my bag, and it's held up surprisingly well through regular use. This one has been removed from the packaging (since I didn't like the packaging), but never used, only displayed.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Korotto Manmaru Plush

This is the Jolteon Korotto Manmaru (I think they call it roly poly?) plush from 2013. Has only been displayed and has the tush tag intact.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Large Tote Bag

A very large, new in plastic, official Jolteon tote bag. Measures about 22" x 14" (and naturally folds to 11" x 14"), so unless you're ok with it folded over a lot, I think it will need to be shipped in a large box. The back is solid black.
Starts at: $15

Pokemon 4 Jolteon Marbles

4 different colors of Jolteon marbles!
Start prices:
Clear ($1), yellow ($1), dark blue ($2), iridescent purple ($2)

Pokemon Jolteon Metal Emblem Keychain

Jolteon Metal Emblem keychain. Never used.
Starts at: $3

Pokemon Jolteon Mega Blok

Jolteon Mega Blok, in great condition.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Meiji Mini Candy Box

A mini cardbox board that once held candies. This is from the Genesect promotion, and many of these food-related items can become quite hard to find. This one can be flattened for shipping.
Starts at: $1

Pokemon Jolteon Menko

This menko is a small cardboard card about an inch tall, featuring a gold-foil of Jolteon on the back. There is a fair amount of wear around the edges.
Starts at: $1

Pokemon Jolteon Metal Collection Figures

This isn't a complete set of Jolteon metal collection, but Jolteon seems to be one of the rarer 151 figures. Here we have 5 colors
Start prices:
you can click the image to see the full version showing which is which.
Starts at: Copper ($20), Gunmetal ($20), Gold ($20), Blue ($25), Purple ($25)

Pokemon Jolteon Metal Swing Keychain

The very rare Jolteon metal swing keychain! I don't know if there is also a silver backed version, but this is the gold backed one.
Starts at: $20

Pokemon Jolteon MiniCot

This rare and special Jolteon MiniCot figure measures about 1" tall.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Mini Models 10 colors

Here are 8 different colors of the Jolteon mini model. I've listed them from upper left to bottom right in the photo. The clear green and clear red models appear to be the most common, so I'm not auctioning them here but including them in another Jolteon or Eevee lot later.
Start prices:
Pearly green ($10), solid green ($5), pearly blue ($20), solid blue ($10), solid purple ($10), pearly gold ($5), pearly red ($10), solid red ($5), solid yellow ($10).

Pokemon Jolteon Mini Pokedoll Plush

Jolteon Mini Pokedoll from 2012. Has a bright yellow/gold keychain, felt and embroidered details, and is made of a plain cloth. I don't have the original package, but I do have the backing with the Pokedoll art, and will include it when shipping. Figure not included.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Mini Puzzle

A 150 piece Jolteon puzzle released during XY. Still sealed.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Plastic Stationery Stamp

A tiny little Jolteon plastic stamp from a stationery set. Never used.
Starts at: $2

Pokemon Jolteon Friends Movie Pin

This Jolteon badge is from a set of movie goods, and the designs are based on a scene from the 2013 movie's Eevee and Friends short.
Starts at: $8

Pokemon My Pokemon Collection Jolteon Plush

Jolteon MPC! This was my display plush, so it's in great condition with all tags.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon TCG Binder with Jolteon and Nidoran and Nidoqueen

An unusual American TCG binder featuring Nidoran M, Nidoqueen, and Jolteon on the back. I bought it used and have been using it to store my Jolteon cards, and it's in good but not amazing condition - there are some reversed dents (don't know how those happen) on the spine, but the front and back cover are pretty clean.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon and Eevee Figure Keychain

An old (RBY era?) figure keychain set of these two paired together. Eevee's tail is unpainted, but I think they're all like this.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Center Jolteon Figure Strap

Jolteon from the PokeCen signature figure strap line. I also have one loose.
Start prices:
In package ($3), loose ($1)

Pokemon Center Jolteon Standing Plush

The standing, smiling Jolteon PC plush from 2012. Only displayed, in great condition with tags. The tag is pretty big, but it appears to be in very good condition.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon JolteonPitaPoke

PitaPoke are a series of super-cute little suction cup figures that come with accessories, a bridge, and a base to stick everything to. This little Jolteon must be running a bakery, because he's got a little basket of bread and a chalkboard sign advertising coffee and cake!
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Plastic Clip

A plastic Jolteon bag clip. I'm still using several others from this set in my kitchen and have yet to break any!
Starts at: $3

Pokemon Jolteon Plastic Standee

This Jolteon is from a very rare set of Thailand standees. Each Pokemon is on a small plastic sheet about the size of a credit card, and the pieces snap out to be assembled like this. (You can also snap the pieces back into the card for safe storage or shipping.)
Starts at: $25

Pokemon Jolteon Pokedoll Figure

Jolteon's Pokedoll figure from the 2013 711 movie lottery. In great condition with stand, but no box.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Pokedoll Plush 4

Here are 4 versions of the Jolteon Pokedoll. If you want a specific one in the picture, you can click the photo for a detailed version. They are: A (2004 Japanese release, no hang tag and slightly loved), B (Eevee Collection minky release, plush and hang tag in very good condition), C (2005 USA Pokemon Center NY or .com release with creased hang tag), and D (USA Kiosk doll, hang tag bent but not creased, both in very good condition).
Start prices:
Original JP A ($5), Minky JP B ($10), US PC C ($5), Kiosk D ($5)

Pokemon Jolteon Stand Up Promo Card

Like the old Japanese standup cards, you can punch out this Jolteon from the paper, then fold the remaining paper to help him stand up. I don't know much about this item since most of the text on it looks to be in Spanish, but it does say it's from the year 2000. Has been punched out for display, but will lay flat for shipping.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Colored Rollers

These Jolteon rollers are from an AG series that some community members in the US randomly found in stores several years ago. I only managed to get ahold of these two colors, but there may be more.
Start prices:
Orange ($2), Green ($2)

Pokemon Jolteon Sitting Figure Keychain (2013)

Sitting Figure Keychain (2013). A very cool Jolteon figure! Measures about 1 3/4" tall.
Starts at: $8

Pokemon Jolteon Sitting Plush

This is the 4 1/2" tall (plus ears) Jolteon from the PokeCen in 2013. In great condition with all tags, though the hang tag has some small creases. You can see the tag here.
Starts at: $6

Pokemon Jolteon Mini Towel Collection Hand Towel

Mini Towel Collection Hand Towel. A very soft microfiber-like material. Has not been used, only laid out on my collection shelf.
Starts at: $6

Pokemon Jolteon Lenticular Pokemon Stadium Card

Jolteon Lenticular Pokemon Stadium Card. The back says Pokemon Stadium: Action 3D's, Card 39 of 50. Dated 2000.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Sitting Tomy Plush

Jolteon sitting Tomy plush. I don't know what Jolteon were released later, but this is the older Japanese version.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Plastic Watch

This series of watches (which includes all of the Eevees along with Meowth, Pikachu, and Oshawott) looks similar to a gachapon series, but these were actually sold in blind-packaged capsules instead. I don't recall if they were 711 exclusive, but I've seen similar series that were. Never used, only displayed.
Starts at: $10

Pokemon Jolteon Zukans

Here we have both Jolteon zukan. The larger one on the left is the original from the Eevee/Vaporeon/Flareon set, and the base, stand, and happy figure on the right are from the Eevee Friends release in 2013, I think. The base and stand come with the newer zukan.
Start prices:
Original ($20), new version ($3)

Pokemon Eevee Collection Rectangular Tin

An Eevee Collection tin featuring all of the pre-Sylveon Eevees. There is a slight dent in the middle of the lid. Measures about 9" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/4". Side view Inside of lid (with dent)
Starts at: $8

Pokemon Jolteon Placemat and Coaster Set

This is the Jolteon placemat from Eevee Collection some years ago. Mine is out of the plastic and has some wrinkles, but has only been used for display, and the coaster and hang tag are still attached.
Starts at: $6

Pokemon Umbreon Shadow Ball Animator's Reference

I got this in a lot of settei, but it's an animator's reference for Shadow Ball, using Umbreon as an example. This will need to be shipped in a rigid mailer, so it might be difficult to combine with non-flat items.
Starts at: $5

Pokemon Jolteon Stacking Mug

A Jolteon mug with that cute paw-raised art. I think this originally came with a Vaporeon mug, and it's meant to stack with other mugs in the set. Measures about 3 1/4" diameter at the top and about 2 1/2" tall.
Starts at: $6

That's all for today, thanks for looking!

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