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Sales for a GRAIL!!

 Hi guys, I just found one grail these days and I need to save a bit of money to be able to bid on it!! I'm open for haggling since right now I need the money (please, be reasonable ;;)

Btw, does anyone have any info about the Snivy 7/11 Lotto plush from 2011? I don't know if he's hard to find or expensive and I don't know how much I should ask for it :/ (I checked ebay and pkmncollectors and I didn't find anything about it)


  • All pkmncollectors rules apply

  • I received sales permission from dewott May 17th of 2013.

  • You can find my feedback: HERE (it's not working but I can show you the caché version)

  • I ship from Spain

  • I am not responsible for items lost in the post, if this concerns you please pay for tracking/insurance, thanks.

  • Items will be held for 24 hours if you ask for it, may be held further if you are 100% committed. Payment must be sent within 24 hours or negative feedback will be left.

  • Don't edit your comments, if you need to add something, please, reply to your own comment.

  • Prices may be negotiable, just ask!

  • I am open to trades. You can find my wants HERE

  • Paypal only, please send payments as "goods" and include what you bought in the note along with your username

30$ Laying TOMY Glaceon TTO, Charmeleon UFO TTO
15$ Espeon DX, Togekiss TOMY, Glaceon winking eye, Male Meowstic UFO, Female Meowstic Pokedoll
13$ Umbreon UFO, 2xFlareon (TTO and both tags), Jolteon I love eevee, Whimsicott, Shinx, Ampharos, Piplup walky (no charms TTO), Squirtle walky (no charms TTO)
10$ Umbreon I love eevee, Jolteon MPC, Espeon I love gothic, Espeon I love eevee
8$ Reuniculus, Eelektross
5$ Dedenne, Solosis

(NO IDEA ABOUT PRICE) 7/11 Lotto plush from 2011
12 USD : Pachirisu plush, Pachirisu (puppet)
8 USD: Snorlax, Pikachu (M)
5 USD: Snivy, Marill, Keldeo, Pikachu (S), Pikachu (L), Pikachu (XL)
3 USD: Tepig, Pikachu (XS)
1 USD: Charizard bootleg

16USD Heracross/ Houndour, Mime Jr, Ditto, Torchic llaveros
5USD Espeon keychain
3USD Espeon figura, Togepi, Seadra
1.5USD megabloks, Pikachus, Chikorita, Turtwig, Weavile, Croconaw
0.75USD others

SOLD: Leafeon, Groudon

Thanks guys!!
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