Eboncharizard (eboncharizard) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Shiny Kids!!!! :D

Hi everybody!

I'm here to show the five shiny kids that arrived today :)

I have had these waiting in FJ's warehouse for almost a month, and finally got them shipped!
One chimecho will be available in the future, so keep your eye out if you're interested (or let me know if you'reinterested, so I can tag you!).

Would you believe they only took 6 days to get here, yet the GA myself, Magmanerd, and inkwaffles is still stuck in customs???? =_=
We're on 23 days stuck in customs woth NO movement on that GA. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it moving?

Also, I'm here with a few wants!
-Shiny Bulbasaur Kid
-Shiny Squirtle and Blastoise Kid
-Shiny Seviper Kid
-Shiny Leafeon Kid
-Shiny Glaceon Kid
-Shiny Scyther Hasbro
-Shiny Bulbasaur UFO Mascot (the weird one)
-Clear Doduo Bootleg Tomy

Thanks Everyone! :)
Happy Collecting!
Tags: chimecho, gets, groudon, marshtomp, wants, wartortle
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