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Wants and gets that I love! <3

Hello!! :D

My Week was such great because my Sun and Moon finally arrived!

I forgot the steelbook pics on my camera. I'll edit here later! xD

This Greninjash came from a friend here in Brazil. It's so cute!!

And this one I've got on pokevault's black friday! It's the Pokémon Center's Mega Evolution ring! <3

And after a long discussion with my friends, who told me one hundred times it wasn't the Lysandre's ring, I've found out that the ring he uses on the full art TCG card's illustration it's this one I've got!! So it's canon and I'm really glad with the get!!

Ok, I'm done with the gets!

Now my wants!
I'm trying to get all the Flare/Flarechu items from the Secret Teams collection of Pokémon Center. Now it's missing only two items:

These decotapes (the Stickers I already have, I need only the decotapes)

And These clearfiles. I know it's a set and it's really difficult for someone to sell only the flarechu one, but since they're so cute, I don't care getting the whole set. But I'd love to get only the Flarechu one.

(The images belong to Pokeshopper)

Please help me find them? :)

And a pic of my Jessies because I recieved my Kyun chara about three weeks ago and only had time to make a pic of her now!

Thank you! See ya! :)
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