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New gets and a question

Hi everyone! Just a quick gets post since some new things have arrived in the mail, and a question about how you display your flats and charms! Very image heavy!

Firstly, i bought the American version of the genesect pokedoll. I've seen a lot of posts comparing the Japanese and American versions of dolls and saying they were slightly different, so i decided to do the same!

The first thing you'll notice is that they're different colours! My Japanese doll is from the first batch that was released back in 2013, so i'm not sure if there were small changes made to newer Japanese dolls so they aren't so different, but the USA doll is definitely a truer colour than the old Japanese one. Although i love the Japanese doll's gorgeous deep purple, which is a bit washed out in this photo =')
The USA one's mouth is also more straight and less smiley than the Japanese one. Also weirdly it's a lot heavier that the Japanese one for some reason? Possibly the canon is a bit larger and has more stuffing.

And the back view! The colour is better in this photo. The pokedoll art on the USA doll has even been recoloured to reflect the change! I'd be interested to know if they have an American version of the red genesect doll too - haven't seen one, but it would be awesome if it existed.

Onto the next thing!

Pokedoll notebook and metal keychain! These things were both USA store exclusives (pokemon centre and Gamestop respectively) but luckily some awesome people did pickups for me! <33 The metal keychain came out during Genesect November when a lot of GAME/Gamestop stores were selling exclusive stuff, including the 20th anniversary plush. The UK GAME stores were also selling two kinds of t-shirts which i picked up. I don't know if they were only in UK stores though - i haven't seen them on the USA or other european stores websites.

Next up, some things i bought months and months ago, but never took photos of until now:

Shiny/glittery tretta chips! I have been waiting literally years for these things to drop in price. Like...2-3 years, no joke. They were originally around 2500 yen each but this year they dropped to between 50 and 200 yen, so i snapped them up!

Same deal with this pencil board. Hooray for stock clearance sales!

Next, some customs. I commissioned some awesome bead sprites from PokePerlerPalace and commissioned Agui_chan for this adorable pokemon time style bookmark! Both of them do amazing work, i highly recommend them!

And last but not least, a bronze (?) genesect coin! I got really lucky with this one. It was listed cheaply on Y!j auctions as 'metal coin' without specifying the colour, and the flash on the seller's camera had completely washed out the colour, making it impossible to tell what finish it was. I bought it on the off chance that it wasn't silver (the only other colour i have) and luckily it wasn't! I still only have 2 out of 4 colours though. Still, i'm getting there!

Now onto the question: how do you display your flats and charms? I have my own solution to smaller flats and charms:

A TCG folder for cards, stickers, large flat magnets etc, and a tretta file for chunkier charms and smaller pieces.

The TCG file with cards, stickers, some of my customs, and various bits and bobs.

The tretta file with tretta, coins, shoe badges, charms and some weird misc items like candy wrappers and puffy stickers. Some of the bits move around so i had to tape the openings closed to prevent stuff falling out.

My question is, how do you display/store your larger flats? I have 3 or 4 box files with notepads, magazines, dice bags, posters etc, in that i don't know what to do with. I have clear file holders for my clear files and some of the lighter/thinner things, but the notepads are too heavy to be stored that way. I have a standee and popcorn container that just kinda...float around my room b/c they have no proper place XD  I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a interesting solution?

Anyway, thanks for looking and listening to me rambling on! Thanks everyone <33

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