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Mimikyu Mini Pokedolls up for Adoption!

Hi guys, I'm back with a little friend and my most recent commission!

Poor Mimikyu.
He writes letters to all his friends.....
But they never reply back.

He doesn't know why.

But he's hoping you might be the one.....

Why not adopt a Mimikyu mini keychain Pokedoll?

(He makes a mysterious sound when you squish his belly....)

Adopt one for only $39! (Shown above is sold.)
I ship internationally. ^^


-I was granted sales permission on 11/07/2015 by AREICA96
-My feedback is located here at:…

-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-Prices are in USD and do NOT include shipping/fees.
-I only accept Paypal.
-Payment is due within 24 hrs, may hold items longer depending on the situation.
-I am willing to do holds. Holds will be treated as a commitment.
-Haggling is allowed.
However, I reserve the right to reject an offer or give a counter offer.
-Trades welcome.
-Please make clear whether you are asking for a quote or are committing. Committing to a sale and backing out will result in negative feedback.
-I ship from the US.
-Shipping starts at $3.30 for nonflats and $0.75 for flats. No extra material fees unless I need to buy a box.
-I am NOT a fast shipper. (It usually takes no more than a week, though.)
-No international shipping at this time, sorry. :(
( But if there's something you truly want I can hold the item for 12 hours for you to find a middleman.)
Please contact me, I may make exceptions on a case by case basis (how busy I am, how expensive, large order, etc.)
-I am not responsible for items lost/damaged by the post office. After they are shipped, it's out of my hands.
(But I will always try to protect the items the best I can for you.)
-All items come from a non-smoking, pet-free home. Please note that some items have previous owners, these will be marked as such, if you have any further concerns please ask. I will try my best to answer any questions.

Also check out the rest of our selection here:
♡We make custom plush, pokedolls, keychains and art!♡
We also consider trades for official merchandise.

Hope you guys liked this story!  ♡♡
(See you again....)
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