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SSS Wishlist Update + Site update + Question

Hey everyone! This is just a small little post mostly for my SSS partner (whoever that may be). ^_^ I did recently update my website with new goodies though, so feel free to check that out. AND I'm also in the process of setting up a sales post (Yes I have permission. Granted by lineealba in 2009, confirmed by areica96). So HOPEFULLY I'll be able to post that over the weekend. :3

I have no idea who my SSS partner is, but if it is you, please read under the cut! <3

Greetings mysterious gifter! <3

It was brought to my attention that you and I had both been bidding on a couple things on my wishlist. I would just like to apologize first off. Whenever I find something I haven't seen before that I'd like in my collection, I put it on my wishlist on my site so I know to keep my eyes peeled for it and don't lose the image. I also didn't want to assume that whoever my gifter ended up being had access to Yahoo! Japan or any Japan shops/sites/etc, since so many people I've spoken to don't have access to it. So if something showed up on there that I hadn't seen before and I'm uncertain of its rarity, I usually end up bidding because I fear that if I don't, the item that I'm bidding on will end up being incredibly rare and difficult to find down the road. (The US Pokemon Center Litten Pin is a GREAT example of this happening! D:). In either case, I just wanted to explain why I WAS still actively bidding on items on my wishlist.

BUT, that will be changing. I've completely gone through my wishlist to make sure there wasn't anything on there I would be actively bidding on, and I've also added a TON of items I'm still looking for that I WILL NOT be bidding on or obtaining prior to the SSS ending. NOTHING on either of my wishlists will be purchased by me prior to the SSS (unless it is the Litten pin or the Serenity plush custom, in which case I would be ecstatic to receive multiples). So that way it'll give more options, and we won't end up bidding on the same thing. ;^^

I've also added new things to my "Other Wishlist" and included links to almost everything.

Again, I apologize for the mistake. And I just want to assure you that I will be 100% thrilled with whatever is sent. <3 Duplicate, New, Custom or otherwise!

As for my question, I recently purchased the Blue Japanese Limited Edition Alolan Starter 2ds.

I have never owned a console outside of the US, and I know region compatibility is a thing. I just want to confirm that these systems will ONLY play Japanese games, correct? I would hate to "attempt" to see if the system works with my own games and ruin the system OR my games. Or if it's just going to sit on display. XD

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks for looking! ^_^
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