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Lunar's Sales Post!

Hey everyone! I finally got my sales post all organized. I'm trying to come up with some extra fundage to get my kitty to the vet for a teeth cleaning. ^_^ So it would mean a lot if you took a look at the goodies I have for sale. :D

Sales permission granted by lineaalba in 2009 (confirmed by areica96)
Feedback can be found at the following links:
Community Feedback:
Personal Feedback:

**PLEASE specify that you are committing to an item. Otherwise, I'll just assume that you're asking for a quote and won't provide my e-mail for payment.

-I ship from the U.S. and ship worldwide. International shipping starts at $10 for Canada and $13.50 everywhere else. Sorry, US international shipping sucks. D:
-Items come from a smoke free home but I do have cats! Keep this in mind when buying.
-Item prices do not include Paypal fees or shipping material costs.
-I ship on Tuesdays and Fridays.
-If insurance is not purchased on a package, I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail. If you'd like to insure your package, inform me prior to purchase.
-I don't accept returns. If you have questions on an item, ask before committing to it.
-**IMPORTANT** Please make sure your address is correct before buying. If a package gets returned to me for ANY reason, you will be required to pay the shipping cost to ship your package again. This is NOT an excuse to back out of a claim. If you back out of an item after having it returned to me, I'll refund your money but will leave negative feedback.

-I accept Paypal only! NO E-CHECKS! If you send an e-check, I will give the item to the next interested person and refund you your money once the e-check clears. You've been warned.
-The item will be held for 24 hours for the first person to EXPRESS INTEREST in it. If I don't hear from you within 24 hours, it'll go to the next interested person.
-No haggling at this time please. Also no trades (until the SSS is over).
-PAYMENT IS EXPECTED TO BE RECEIVED IN 24 HOURS AFTER A TOTAL IS GIVEN! You will automatically receive negative feedback if you fail to do so. If you need time to pay just ask. I'm usually pretty lenient about it as long as I'm not taken advantage of.

SEALED Pokemon Sun game ~ $30

US Zoroark Pokedoll ~ $12

**Purchased by myself at my local Wal-mart. He's really cute, but I just don't collect Zoroark so thought someone else might enjoy him. :)**

Mega Lopunny Costume Pikachu ~ $17

Kuttari Plushies ~ $10 each

Froakie Pika Matsuri Plush Keychain ~ $15

Growlithe butt plush keychain ~ $10

Christmas Chespin Plush ~ $17

**I know it looks like his nose is "dirty" but it's just fuzz. Due to the nature of the material he is made out of, stuff likes to stick to him. XD He is 100% clean I promise you.**

Galactic Pikachu Plush ~ $20

**I ended up getting extras of these metal figures trying to find my gold Litten. :)**

Metal Litten figures ~ $5 each **Can come with capsule, box and insert if requested**

**These rare Popplio charms were part of 1 of 2 exclusive charm sets that were given out at Loppi and HMV stores for the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon.**

Popplio charms ~ $5 each SOLD: Side Profile Popplio

Popplio NY Saturday Event Pin ~ $8 SOLD
"Unknown" Popplio Charm ~ $4 SOLD
Popplio TCG Coin ~ $2

Popplio Charm MIP ~ $5 (Pending)

Target Exclusive Pre-order figures ~ $6 each SOLD

Rockruff kid ~ $5 **Comes with box and sticker** SOLD
Chatot kid ~ $2

World's Pikachu Mug "Netherlands" ~ $17 **Comes in original box** **Shipping may be a little more for this since it's so fragile**

World's Pikachu Cloth "Netherlands" ~ $5 (SOLD)

Christmas/New Years Charms ~ $3 each except Vulpix which is $5
SOLD: Rowlet, Popplio
(Vulpix Pending)

Solgaleo Charm ~ $3
Eeveelution Charms ~ $4 each SOLD: Glaceon

Xmas Washi Tape (?) ~ $3 SOLD
Xmas Chespin keychain ~ $6

**Sorry for the blurry picture of the washi tape. Tried to get a decent angle to show the Pokemon on it. Better pictures can be given upon request.**

Pan Stickers:
Bounsweet ~ $1.50 SOLD
All others are $1

Pokebox bags (2 available) ~ $1.50 each **Will come folded**

ALSO! If you're interested in super cute plushies of the Legendary birds, keep watch here in the next few weeks for my auction I'm setting up. ^_^ Since I don't usually take commissions, this is the only way to get your hands on these guys. :3

I'm also hoping that by next weekend I will have my Etsy shop updated with my tiny Pokemon plushies such as these guys:

**If you're interested in one of these guys with your order, I can make them now. They are $12 each.

Thanks for looking!! ^_^
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