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Video collection post!

All the cool kids are doing it.

Unfortunately, my camera has no sound, so I'll type out the important stuff.

After about 15 months of Pokemon collecting, here is what I have. Much has come and gone, and I love every piece that you see in these videos. Nothing is for sale.

Luxio collection! Most of it. A couple things were accidentally left out (2 Luxio hats, Luxio pillow)

The TCG promo Luxio poster is my pride and joy. I framed it C:
The huuuge Luxio plush is made by the lovely DraggyCat. The poseable Luxio is by YutakaYumi. Standing Luxio is made by junoluver. Sleeping Luxios and Luxio bellplush by myself. Small chibi flat plush by Markisan, larger flat plush by theredbat. Custom figures by trogdortheburninat.
DX Weavile Pokedoll waves hi, Nick! Giant Drifloon airgurumi has had the inflatable beachball inside removed and replaced with plush.
Most flat items (drawings, stickers, cards) not shown. They live in a binder now.


Drifloon, Hoppip, Typhlosion, and miscellaneous collections.

Drifloon terubozu by myself. Unfinished Drifloon windchime ftw, by Ruth. Hoppips so cute. Typhlosion coin bank is my baby! Small figure in the right corner is the metal collection figure. Shellgon bellplush by myself. I want more Umbreons/houndooms, but they're so expensive to collect @_@


Burmies, miscellaneous plush, and Stitch collection!

Yes, those are Stitch food tiny figures. I zoomed into May's bulbasaur because it used to have a seam around the mouth that I made invisible. (Ran a pin along it, "scratched" the fibers out of the seam)

Thanks for looking guys, hope you enjoyed!
Tags: banette, bulbasaur, burmy, collection, custom, drifloon, figures, floatzel, hoppip, houndoom, luxio, mudkip, plush, turtwig, typhlosion, tyranitar, umbreon, wartortle, zukan
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