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REMINDER!!! only about two days left on the auctions for the BLAINE/ARCANINE and GIOVANNI/PERSIAN gym badges! go have a looksee!

ALSO! i still have new kids for sale, about ten left!

i got speshul cardsies.

the first card is the gym challenge volkner's luxray, one of the only promo cards i own and the second most expensive card i've got. it's the first place prize in a tournament going on in japan right now, and rather rare to see already! it was luxray, and volkner, in sunyshore gym... it was just a promo i felt i couldn't pass up, and knew i'd regret it if i did.

here is volkner with his speshul speshul gym challenge card! we are pleased in sunyshore!

the second is also SPECIAL! given away in a one-day-only promotion, with limited supplies, it is pokemon sunday's pokemon mascot, lucario buchou (buchou means head of department, the other staff on the show are also given company rankings, and all together they are called PokeSun Company). for about a month or so now Lucario Buchou wanted his own card. they went to the place that makes TCG, and begged and begged, and he had to prove that he could do real attacks and finally after a few episodes trying, he was given a card. and a few episodes later, it was completed!! only viewers of the show or website would know about this special promotion, where you had to go to a designated store and should ROGER! (their motto) and trade a fighting type for it.

me and the real Lucario Buchou.

when i went before the store even opened, there was already a line!! i did my embarrassing ROGER and got the card...

but what was this?! they handed me a gym leader comic book to go along with it!! what is this heaven!!

most of the comics only featured the gym leader's pokemon, but my three favourites got comics (volkner was website only), so here they are translated! enjoy!

Tags: lucario, luxray
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