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Hello everyone! I'm Tia. I've joined this community just recently, but I've loved pokemon for a long time. (since 1999, I was 4 then.)
I haven't been really collecting Pokemon merchandise until 2008; I mostly bought the games and whatever I liked.

My favorite pokemon are Groudon, Latios, Palkia, Piplup, and Mudkip, but I've been leaning toward Altaria, Cherrim, and Shaymin's Sky Forme now.

My collection is really really small, but there is some stuff I'm proud of. x3

My pokemon doll collection. It'll be growing this year, since Platinum's coming out soon.

This one is so you can see Palkia's head. xD

This picture is mostly of pokemon, some non-pokemon. Sorry for the bad picture, I didn't want to take everything out.

My games are in this monkey's backpack. Very useful.

My groudon figure!

Because posters are cool.

This concludes my pokemon collection and the start of my wanted pokemon merchandise. xD (no pictures sorry)
1. 12" TOMY(?) Latios plush - this one is rare and hard to collect. ): I've seen it on this community before (it was lineaalba's before, but it got sold.) Sooo, it's my ultimate holy grail.
2. pokemon center groudon - I was so close to getting it too! This is my next ultimate grail because its plush is declining.
3. Banpresto's UFO Skymin - I really like Skymin now, so I want some of its plushies. xD
4. Standing TOMY Glaceon - <3 I love it; who can resist its adorable face?
5. Summer 2007 UFO Piplup - It's so cute. :D

Well, this concludes my post. Nice meeting everyone! (:

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