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3 Months of Gets + Displays Update + Tenugui Customisation

Hi everyone!
I've just realized I hadn't posted for 3 months :O #laziness
So I have a lot of gets to show you and also some little display updates o/

For example, I made some additions in the Water space

- attached Pokebox Milotic to the side.
- taped a Magikarp clear file on the printer ^^
- added some new frogs plushies :3

I'll show you more new displays at the end. But first, let's see the gets :)
As there are many items, I'm gonna post screenshots from my videos. Because, even though the quality is not always good, it will be less boring than a bunch of individual pictures ^^

The different types of Humans figures of the moment: PPP Cynthia (the choice to "cut" the Pokémon is a bit weird, the round stand is very big!), GEM Joy (hope they'll make Jenny too) and awesome ARTFX J Red that you had already seen.
I managed to get the II-A set of Kaiyodo Battle Figures. I love these figures and hope I'll complete the II-B set soon!

Lots of PC and Banpresto plushies. I'm really happy that Pokémon Center decided to re-release plushies that I had sadly missed such as Lapras, Psyduck or Venusaur :3 And I'm in love with this Jigglypuff, definitely one of my favorite plushies <3

Lots of PC plushies again ^^ I love them all, especially Alolan Marowak <3

Awesome and fluffy plushies !!! They are all beautiful but two are very special since they were high wants: DX Skitty and Fuzzy Raichu <3 I'm so happy to finally own them, and I was really surprised to find Raichu at a rather low price (it seems that like the Eeveelution Canvas, the crazy price era is over for him).

More plushies x) It's funny because, except Mew and Ninetales, I bought all these plushies because of/thanks to low prices ^^
First, Banpresto Pikas. I was simply looking for the one with basket and found him in a lot, so I got more x)
I had Takara Tomy Cobalion (my favorite of the trio) and was not really planning to get the other two. But Hobby Link offered a huge discount on Terrakion, so I succumbed and bought it. And honestly, I don't regret at all because I love it <3 Now, I appreciate this Pokémon even more than before ^^
Then, I finally managed to get my first "Pikachu Monthly Pair" and some other PC Pikas from series I'd like to complete (but miss money lol). I assume the seller got them in a "lucky bag", that would explain the bargain :)

And let's end with various figures and the very cool PCO Magikarp postcards :)

Now it's time to see the new little displays :)

I ended up with a Raichu space.

So now I want more Raichu plushies %)

I was planning to put two tenugui on the doors of this little cabinet for a while, and now it's done!

They fit so well together <3 They have similar design and above all, Char and Ray seem to look at each other :3

In the same way, I customized drawers with beautiful FA cards (mostly from CP series).

And finally, I got the Pikachu Mario Hanafuda cards. So I framed them like the previous Pokémon Hanafuda set. In addition, I found a place for the Red Gyarados tenugui that I love <3

I really appreciate the Japanese design of this tenugui. So because of that, the typical size and the Hanafuda cards above, I decided to transform it into a giant Hanafuda card :)

Thank you for reading this very long post ^^

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