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Massive Sales of Over 600 items!

I will give totals soon after volunteer, around 3 pm pst!


I ship from the U.S. and international shipping for nonflats starts $10 for Canada and $13 for other countries. Domestic shipping starts from $2.80 I try to estimate the cheapest shipping possible (Pp and packaging fees are not included in my prices unless stated)
I accept Paypal only. When sending payment, please include your lj username, what you bought in the notes, and mark as goods. PAYMENT MUST BE SENT WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER COMMITMENT.
I am not responsible for lost items once it leaves my possession. If you need a receipt for confirmation please tell me. I will notify you when the package has been sent.(Usually by paypal for US buyers and comments for international buyers). I ONLY KEEP RECEIPTS FOR ABOUT A MONTH BEFORE I THROW THEM AWAY.
I always write the true value of the items for international buyers, so if you have a problem with this, tell me and we can work something out.
I will take payment plans. Please discuss with me since this is by case by case.
I can do holds and it will be treated as a commitment to the item
Please do not private message me about an item. Post it here. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT MESSAGES! IF YOU NEED TO ADD OR MAKE CHANGES, JUST REPLY TO YOUR OWN THREAD

Inquiring about items
For OBO offers, people who offer to pay full price will get priority! First Come First Serve If there is a commitment for the same item below you, you have 12 hours to respond, or the items will go to the next person. PLEASE DO NOT HAGGLE!
PLEASE CLARIFY WHETHER YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THE ITEM (WANT A QUOTE) OR IS JUST ASKING ABOUT THE CONDITION. For example: "What is the condition of _____? if it is ______ then I would like a quote to ____"
"MAY I HAVE THIS TO ______" WILL BE CONSIDERED AS A COMMITMENT. IF YOU WANT A QUOTE, SAY QUOTE SOME WHERE IN YOUR POST OR I WILL leave negative feedback if you back out of a sales! Any form of statement without the word QUOTE is treated as a commitment!


Please send payment as GOODS AND SERVICES!

This sales post is cross posted

Azumaril egg plush: SOLD
Munchlax pokedoll: SOLD
heatran tto pokedoll: $20
Kyurem (loved) tto pokedoll jp: $40 OBO
Mismagius pokedoll (hang tag has small brown spots on the back): SOLD
Latios Jp pokedoll tto: $30
meowstic jp pokedoll tto: SOLD
Buneary tto pokedoll: SOLD
2002 jp espeon pokedoll tto: $50 OBO
Ampharos PC plush jp tto: SOLD
loved mismagius pokedoll tto: $40 OBO
MWT whimsicott pokedoll: $50
heatran pokedoll (hang tag creased): $25
Vaporeon PC plush: $15
Mudkip PC plush: SOLD
Glaceon canvas tto: $25
turtwig canvas tto: $5
Mienshao pokedoll tto: $10
Weavile pokedoll tto (bit loved): $25

1:1 Tomy Chikorita: $175
1:1 Tomy Totodile: $175
1:1 Tomy Cyndaquil: SOLD
DX snorlax pokedoll tto: $250
DX mudkip pokedoll (hang tag have some creases): $250 OBO
Japanese Tomy talking Psyduck (still works): $35
1:1 Talking mew (still works): $100

Gengar cushion tto: $35
DX Gengar I love gothic plush tto: $25
DX banpresto Kawaii Blastoise (no tags): $30
Fifa pikachu MWT: $15
Bronzong tto banpresto: $15
Munchlax coin purse MWT: $25 OBO
Banpresto Mesprit/Uxie tto: $15 each
Banpresto quagsire (there are some tiny spots): SOLD
Banpresto Creselia tto: SOLD
Kawaii mewtwo tto: $20
Banpresto Mimikyu MWT: SOLD
Banpresto lapras tto: $17
Banpresto salamence tto: $25
Kottoro Manmaru Draginite MWT: $15
Banpresto Kottoro Manmaru fennekin MWT: $10
takara tomy sitting riolu tto: $10
Glaceon kokorin plush MWT: $15
Glaceon older version of kottoro manmaru plush MWT: $15
Banpresto slowking no tags: SOLD
Tomy laying leafeon plush tto: $25
Halloween Lampet plush MWT: $25
latios banpresto tto: $15
DX Mewtwo Kawaii Plush tto: SOLD
Slakoth beanie: SOLD
bulbasaur kutakuta: $40 OBO

1:1 Pikachu: $30
Takara Tomy Dialga: $30
Goomy MPC plush MWT: $12
Laying Lucario banpresto MWT: SOLD
Talking keldeo (haven't tested): $15 OBO
Dedenne Lottery Plush (hang tag creased): $20
Talking Snivy Plush (haven't tested): $20 OBO
Tomy Fuzzy bulbasaur: $15
MokoMoko Mew MWT: SOLD
Heartland meowth small puppet: SOLD
Surfing Pikachu MWT: $20
Electivire Banpresto tto: $15

tto PC slowking plush: $12
Pokemon Time Zangoose Plush tto: SOLD
Drifloon canvas tto: SOLD
Whimsicott pokedoll tto: $40
Osaka Oshawott tto: $25
Drifloon PC plush MWT: $25
Secret Base Treeko Plush MWT: $25
Bisharp pokedoll tto: $15
Jirachi and pikachu mini pokedolls from pokedoll house: $8 each
Knitted Pikachu pokedoll tto: $25 OBO
foongus canvas tto: $4
Jolteon pokemon time plush (hang tag has a crease): $17
Mini treeko pokedoll: $20
Chimchar, Piplup, turtwig Mini pokedoll set: $45
Charmander Mini pokedoll: SOLD

Jp Substitute Plush MWT: $20
Venusaur Xmas Tree banpresto: $40
Shiny Oshawott Lottery plush tto: $175
Shiny Tepig Lottery Plush tto: SOLD
Corsola Pokedoll (no tags): $75
Blaziken pokedoll (hang tag sun faded/crased/American version): $150
Absol 2003 pokedoll: $85
MWT Litwick pokedoll: $30
2012 Xmas Pikachu with Bell tto: $70
Pokemon Time Eeveelution strap set: $100 shipped to US, $110 shipped international
Mimikyu Acrylic charm: $10
Alola Vulpix Acrylic Charm: $10
Mimikyu PC screen Cleaner plush: $10
Vulpix Bell Plush: $150 OBO
Dragonair Bell Plush: SOLD
Vaporeon Bell Plush: $200 OBO

Top row: Minun, Snivy, Bliztle $13 (all tags have some sort of crease) rest is sold
2nd row: $17 each (turtwig, patterned pikachu, and manaphy's tag may have crease)
Ducklett pokedoll: SOLD
Panpour plush: SOLD
Pikachu pouch: $20
bulbasaur: SOLD
Pichu (hang tag has small creases): SOLD
Raichu Canvas (hang tag faded): SOLD
Musical Deerling: $15
Vulpix Canvas: $67
Lapras Pokedoll (the hang tag has like small creases): $35
Pikachu tail: $20

Top row: $17 each (pikachu/meowstic/bulbasaur sold)
Pikachu Tails: $17 each
Mow rotom: SOLD
Espurr Wanted Mascot Plush: $15
Petit plush: $11 each
Secret Base plush SOLD
Magikarp pikachu: $20
Xmas Pikachu: SOLD
Tokyo Station Pikachu: $17

Mega Slowbro Plush (jp hang tag creased): $25
DX treeko Pokedoll SOLD
DX Minun Pokedoll SOLD
Pikapair Pichu Plush MWT: SOLD
Mega Amphoras Plush (hang tag may have slight creases):SOLD
Mega Tokyo Original Release Pikazard Plushes MWT: SOLD
Halloween Pikachu (hang tag has creases):SOLD
Pikachu Pair with flower crown: SOLD
2010 Charizard Pokedoll (hang tag has 1-2 small creases): $30
Original little tales Pikachu pair MWT: $35
Zoroa Pokedoll (hang tag may have small creases): $17
Espeon: SOLD
swirlix Pokedoll: $17

Top row: $10 each (mew is loved)/ Dialga Pokedoll $14 (Sawk Sold/bulbasaur sold)
Mini keldeo pokedoll: $7
plusle pokedoll: $10
Axew Pokedoll, vanillite pokedoll: $11 each
3rd Row: $12 each (mantyke sold)
4th row: $15 each (jirachi pokedoll minky version)
5th row + Anniversary Chikorita + older rotom pokedoll + charizard: $20 each
Vaporeon pokedoll, anniversary mudkip: $20 (vaporeon sold)
togepi pokedoll: SOLD
Venusaur Pokedoll jp: $30
Cyndaquil Anniversary pokedoll jp: $37
Gengar Pokedoll: $35
Dragonite Pokedoll: $80

All items have tush tag
top row: $5 each (pretty sure most is sold, ask)
Scatterbug pc plush:SOLD
Raichu Canvas plush: SOLD
Pachirisu canvas: $15
Shinx canvas plush: SOLD
2006 eevee canvas plush: $40
Growlithe canvas plush: SOLD
Pokemon Time mawile plush: $40
gothirita canvas plush: SOLD
Dragonite Canvas: SOLD
PC standing eevee plush: $12
Oshawott: $20
PC espurr plush: SOLD
Chikorita Plushplush: SOLD
eevee smaller Walky plush: $20
Halloween Minccino Plush: SOLD
baby series igglybuff plush: SOLD
halloween pikachu plush: SOLD
Original Pikachu Pair set (in very good condition): $40

1:1 oshawott plush: SOLD
froakie cushion: $20
Sleeping tepig: $45
Sleeping oshawott: SOLD
DX Mew: $150

DX plusle Pokedoll (hang tag has small creases): SOLD
DX pachirisu Pokedoll (hang tag has like 1 small crease): SOLD
Mini Pokedoll house: $80 for the set
Mewtwo pokedoll (hang tag has 1-2 small creases): $25 (i think this is sold, ask)
Vulpix canvas (hang tag sun faded): $50
Chrismas cake pikachu Plush MWT: SOLD
Mega tokyo pikazard plush: SOLD
2010 Charizard Pokedoll (hang tag has small creases): $30
Meowth (hang tag is sun faded): SOLD
Older November pikachu Monthly plush: SOLD
Osaka Tepig plush: $25
2006/2007 Pikachu chrismas plush (hang tag has a crease):SOLD
Snowman Oshawott MWT: $30
Pikachu 2012 xmas plush: SOLD
snorlax minky pokedoll (hang tag has creases/imperfect): $35

Large sleeping snivy: SOLD
Shiny Ninetales made by d215lab: SOLD
recall kyogre plush: SOLD
Sword trio: SOLD
pokepark kyogre (vinyl has cracks): $20
Laying down manaphy plush: SOLD

PC Pokeball tins (holds mini pokedolls): $10 each
Tokyo skytree pikachu tin: SOLD
Bow Pikachu tin (has a dent): SOLD
Suicune MCdonalds figure: $15 OBO
DX Tomy Suicune figure (ribbons had yellowed): SOLD
preorder figure set: SOLD
MINICOTS Starters (OBO), Phanpy, deoxys, whismur: $7 each/ Charmander: $10/ Rayquaza + mewtwo $15 each + feraligatr/ Lugia: $20 each/ vaporeon: $50?
Pikachu face PC Mug: $20 OBO

(all items have tush tag except pignite)
Top row (of 3 plush): ALL SOLD
2nd row: $7 each (piplup, pikachu, fletchling sold)
3rd row: $10 each (dewott sold/pikachu sold) (pachirisus $15 each)
The rest are: $15 each (frogider and 1 munching pikachu, special delivery pikachu, SOLD)

(all items tush tag only except pumpkin pikachu, PC Chespin, and station pikachu)
Top Row: $17 each (Apple pikachu + mega swampert sold)
Espeon Canvas: $25
2006 eevee canvas (no tags): SOLD
fuzzy pikachu, sylveon, riolu: $13 each
Meowth: $27
Balloon pikachu: SOLD
PC Chespin: $15
3rd row: $25 each (Shaymin sold)
Pumpkin pikachu: SOLD
Pokemon Time sneasle: $40
Snowchu + snowchic: $25 each
tto pikachu pair: $65
Xatu: $40

everything is tto
1:1 froakie: $37
snorlax: SOLD
2009 Magikarp: $40 each
PC jp charizards: $25 each
vulpix canvas: $45
Giant pikachu cushion: $20

Top 2 rows: $15 each (pikachu is 2003, treeko has 2 different years) (Tto Minccino, dialga, and darkrai is $14 each)
Last 4 rows: $10 each (zoroa/zoroark, minccino, tympol, no tush tags, victini is loved)/
(regigigas,Mantyke,piplup sold)

All items have tush tags
cottonee: SOLD
pikachus: $10 each
Vanillite, cinccino: $10 each
Mini eeveelution keychain plush: SOLD
Emolga pokedoll: $13
2nd row +3rd row: $15 each (charizard is sold) Squirtle and torchic are anniversary
4th row: $20 each (rotom, mewtwo sold)
regular Genesect + a bit loved eevee + emboar: $20 each
Togekiss + cyndaquil: SOLD
bottom 2 rows: $25 each (minky snorlax has no tush tag) Bidoof sold, togekiss sold, cyndaquil sold, genesect sold, vaporeon sold
No tags snorlax: $20

Eevee mug: $20
Pokemon time eeveelution iphone 6 case: $25
pikachu aroma wooden carving: $10
xmas acrylic charms: See other picture for prices
Little tales pikachu pass case: $20
Pokemon time torchic strap: SOLD
Pikachu tail mug: $35
Masquerade ball wallet brand new: SOLD
Pikachu pair frame: SOLD

Top row: $10 each (includes canvases) Fletchling sold and both keldeos and piplup canvas
2nd row: $7 each (Pidove sold)
bottom row: $15 each (hang tags are creased) (Piplup & snivy & Pansage $10)
Azumaril, pikachu pokedoll, pikachu mascot SOLD

top row: $18 each (pikazard, subby, onsen pikachu, halloween pikachu SOLD)
2nd row: $16 each Meowstic sold (vulpix $20)
3rd row: $14 each (torchic walky hang tag sun faded) (Pikachu Sold)
petits: $12 each (all sold )
totodile + chikorita: $20 each (hang tags sun faded)
xmas Chespin: $30
MWT Raichu Canvas: $40
Cyndaquil canvas (hang tag sun faded): $10

top row: $10 each (wailord is $11/ cyndaquil + buizel hangtag super creased) (buizel, pikachu sold)
2nd + 3rd row: $15 each (cinccino's hang tag is damaged) Pikachus sold + oshawott
Treeko canvas: SOLD
beams pikachu keychain: SOLD
Audino pokedoll: SOLD
Halloween Minccino: SOLD

Large Mega Pikachu Plush: SOLD
Banpresto Lapras MWT: $25
Kokorin charmander: $15
2004 charmander pokedoll (i think this was a special one from some set? probably with the mini pokedoll): SOLD
Tufty Pichus: BOTH SOLD
Spheal Pokedoll tto but excellent condition: $300
MWT Oddish Plushplush: SOLD
MWT DX eevee: $20
1:1 japanese version chespin tto: $40

Banpreto Charizard: $27 MWT
sleeping froakie: $38
Sleeping Chespin: $50 OBO
Sleeping Fennekin: SOLD
Komala MWT: $23 shipped
Bewear MWT: SOLD

Vaporeon: SOLD
Flareon: SOLD
Sylveon: SOLD
MWT Sanei Slowpoke: SOLD
DX Large Standing Eevee: $30
Alola Vulpix Banpresto MWT: $30
Vulpix Banpresto MWT: $28
PC Wailord Cushion (jp) MWT: BOTH SOLD

MWT kokorin raichu: $20
Banpresto Pikachu MWT: SOLD
Eevee MWT: $20
Osaka Meowth tto: SOLD
Vaporeon Minky Pokedoll: $45 OBO
Moko Moko Plush all tush tag only: $20 each (charmander sold)

Shiny Beast Charms: $120
Pokemon Time Sneasle, Cyndaquil, Teddiursa: $25 each
Pokemon Time umbreon (older version): $30
Pokemon Time Mudkip: $20
Herdier tto: $15

All items here: $6 each
2x flower pika sold, litten, 1x froslass, pikachu bell charm, pikachu strap sold

US PC vulpix x3: $17 each 1 sold
Jp PC Vulpix x2: SOLD
Jp Vulpix Pokedolls MWT: $18 each
Jp Alola ninetales: $27
Eevees: $40 each

All charms are $7 a set
All charms are $8 a set
Drifloon set, zoroa set sold
All charms are $10 a set
Chandelure set sold
All charms are $13 a set
mareep set sold
All charms are $4 each
zapdos sold
All charms are 2 for $5 except farfech'd (he's $4)
New years charm set: $15
Older halloween charm set: SOLD
newer halloween charm set: $12
Shiny magikarp charm set: $20 each
Christmas snowmen charm sets: $15 each
Christmas ornament charm set: $20
Sylveon party time: $12
kosheki? charm set: $12
Eeveelution can badge set: $35
Sylveon party time pin: SOLD
Tokyo Pikachu station master pin: $8
Kuttari charm sets slowpoke: $10
absol and jirachi charms: $4 each
PC Christmas ornaments: $7 a sheet
Reshiram, zekrom, pikachu explorer charm: $2 each
Pikachu, piplup, torchic can badges: $3 each
eevee with you can badge: $4
Alola ippai figures: $6 each (marowack, raichu sold)
pikachu milk jar container: $5
banpresto pikachu windchime: $15
PC Pikachu pancake and cup keychains: $10 each
Tomy absol MIP keychain: $25
sleeping pachirisu figure: $15
Eeveelution ippai figures: $7 each (jolteon/leafeon sold)
eevee in box: $10
turned head eevee: $7
:D eevee on stand: $7
Mewtwo: SOLD
Snivy: $5
Canvas charm set kanto: SOLD
stunfisk screen cleaner: $5
clear shaymin tomy (land): SOLD
Clear shaymin tomy (sky): $15? OBO
Shaymin bracelet: SOLD
shaymin color pencil: SOLD
N keychain: SOLD
Lucario (missing back support): SOLD
pikachu figure: $6
darumaka and sleeping pikachu straps: $5 each
Eevee US PC Gallery figure (box crushed from shipping): $13
fennekin petit mini totes: $10 each
eevee flower and friends mirrors: $6 each 1x sold
Pikachu iphone case 5/5s/Se(I think) no tail: $15
Pikachu Iphone case with tail 5/5s/se: $23
Pikachu + dedenne pouch: $5
Postcards: $4 each 1x sold
All items here: $6 each
Entei, Lucario, mewtwo, lugia bottlecap figures: $7 each
Latias bottle cap figure: $9
Meowstic charm: SOLD
eevee flower metal charms: $6.50 each
Dialga bottle cap figure: $5
Pikachu pokemomo envelopes?: $3
Kuttari charm sets: $10 each (eeveelution $11)
Pikachu and friends hand mirror: $8
Tokyo bay charm set: $10
Tohoku charm set: SOLD
Pikachu charm set: $10
pichu + soothe bell charm: SOLD
Pikachu pass case + card case little tales: SOLD
sylveon metal charm: SOLD
Vaporeon + flareon metal charm: only 1 vaporeon left
Tomy lot of 77 figures (These came from japan): $154
Pokebox charms: $30 each (mareep sold)
pokebox plaque: SOLD
DX lapras kid: SOLD
Pikazard figures: $10 each, balloon $15
Special pikachu kid figures: $3 each (stretchy sold)
regular sitting pikachu kids: $1 each
gardevoir + greninja kids + luxray: $4 each
pichu + raichu kids: freebies
pearly pikachu + pichu tomy: SOLD
Pikachu ippai with flower in the back: $5
Pikachu raised up hand figure: $1
Hawlucha MPC: $8
Pokemon Night clearfile: $8
Puffy stickers: $5 OBO
Pokemon Night stickers: $5 OBO
2012 Christmas Plate: $40
2011? Halloween Drawstring bag: $7
Pikachu + lugia charm: $3
Tomy Gamestop arcanine: $27 (what I paid)
Pikachu and friends prize B sleeping eevee MWT: $40 OBO
2017 Worlds deckbox: $35
2017 worlds 65 sleeves: $9 per pack
Liberty Bottle worlds: $36
Deoxys figures: $5 each (speed sold)
Meowth: $5
Clearfiles: $5 each ( riolu, pokemate, N sold)
Reshiram: $5
Flareons: both sold xy sold
Pokemate notebooks: $4 each
Kid figures: $3 each
Pikachu puzzle figure (complete): $5
Flamedramon Banpresto Deluxe tto: $200 OBO
Tomy Terriormon: $10
Pichu + jigglypuff kutakutas: $12 each
Sentret Kutakuta: $70

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