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Ultra Rare TCG Sales!

Hi everyone! It's certainly been a while. <3

I come to you today with a few UR cards (and a Charizard) that need new homes!
Please take a look and see if there are any that would fit in with your collection :)

Image (89).jpg Image (90).jpg Image (91).jpg
Image (92).jpg Image (93).jpg

Sales Policies
I received Sales Permission from lineaalba in February of 2009
My feedback can be found here
I ship from the US and will happily ship anywhere
I accept Paypal ONLY
Prices are in USD and do not include "fees"
Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you your total unless we discuss something first
I am not taking ra
Please feel free to ask any questions!

Shipping Info
All holos are shipped in top loaders
Envelope shipping is $1.00 to the US and $2.00 Internationally (up to 4 holos, or 8 regular cards)
Bubble Mailers start at $3.00 in the US (includes basic tracking) and $6.00 Internationally
Once an item is shipped, I cannot be responsible for it. I'm sorry, but I can't do anything once it's out of my hands!
If you want insurance I will happily add it for you at actual cost! :)

IMPORTANT: Please specify if you're looking to purchase or just for a quote. I take the word "quote" in a post to mean it's only an inquiry and cards won't be held, while saying "I'll take xxxx to #####" is a commitment. Thanks!

All cards are Mint/Near Mint unless otherwise stated

Image (89).jpg
Misty's Determination FA ($4), Gardevoir EX FA ($4), M Steelix EX FA ($6)
Umbreon EX FA ($8), Skyla FA ($8), SR Gyarados EX FA ($5)
M Mewtwo EX FA ($14), Incineroar GX ($5), Charizard Holo ($8)
Not pictured: Solgaleo GX ($5), M Gardevoir EX ($4 Steam Siege)

Image (90).jpg
Venusaur EX ($2), M Pidgeot EX ($3), Dragonite EX ($3 each)
Gardevoir EX ($2), Scizor EX ($2)
Espeon EX ($3), Alakazam EX ($3 each)

Image (91).jpg
Leafeon EX ($6), Golem EX ($2)
RC Sylveon EX ($2 each, x1 Sold), RC Flareon EX FA ($3)
RC Pikachu FA ($2 each)

Image (92).jpg
RC Gardevoir EX FA ($3), Glalie EX ($1), Kyurem EX ($2)
Ampharos EX ($2), M Ampharos ($5), Machamp EX ($2)
Lugia EX ($10), Gallade EX ($1), Latios EX ($2 each)

Image (93).jpg
M Latios EX ($3), Pimal Kyogre EX ($9)
Groudon EX ($2), Aggron EX ($3), M Aggron EX ($7)
Skarmory EX ($2), RC Reshiram FA ($1)
Entei Star - Played condition. Has large crease in the center that goes 1/3 of the way down the card. Looks very good in a binder ($15)

Meganium Prime ($2), Typhlosion Prime ($3)
Excellent condition: Slowking Prime ($2), Ursaring Prime ($2), Mr. Mime ex ($5), Blaziken ex ($6)
Played/poor condition: Rocket's Hitmonchan ex ($7), Flygon ex ($3), HL Groudon ex ($3)

Starmie BREAK ($2 each), Bronzong BREAK ($1 each), Hydreigon BREAK ($1)
Lugia BREAK ($2), Yveltal BREAK ($2)
Not pictured: Machamp BREAK ($1)

Thanks for looking! :)
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