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Wanted: Unused Pokemon TCGO code cards (again)

Edit: I've bought enough for now, thank you for selling to me!

Hi! The last time I posted here (I think it was around a year ago), I was looking to buy unused physical code cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Online game. Now, since I started playing again, I'm once again looking to purchase some unused physical PTGCO code cards (not the codes alone or online packs, since that would be against the rules of this community, as well as the rules of the game).

I have reviewed the community guidelines for new rules and ones I might have forgotten, and I'm pretty sure this post is still within guidelines. If I am wrong, feel free to tell me so that I can delete this post. Thanks!

I have decided to come here to look to buy the codes, since it worked out so well last time and I don't have any other vendors that I really trust. To be in-line with community rules, I am looking to buy only from people with active sales permission, and I would like to talk in this topic and not PMs.

Now, for the type of code cards I want to buy (under cut to save room on the community):

Sun/Moon Guardians Rising*
XY Steam Siege
XY Breakpoint
XY Roaring Skies*
XY Legendary Treasures
BW Plasma Blast*
BW Plasma Freeze**
BW Plasma Storm*
BW Boundaries Crossed*
BW Dragons Exalted*
BW Dark Explorers*
BW Noble Victories*
Most Tin/Box/Deck/Ect. code cards**

One asterisk after means that it is a priority or more valuable and I am willing to pay more, two asterisks means what one asterisk means but greater.

I am willing to pay up to 20 cents for the non-asterisked packs (each), up to 35 cents each for the * ones, and up to $1.00 for the ** items (depends on what it is, for Plasma Freeze I'll pay up to 50 cents).

If you would like more money for your code cards, feel free to haggle, and if you have a ton and are willing to offer a bulk discount, that would be really cool.

I will pay with Paypal. I live in the United States, and would rather not buy from places where the shipping charges are super high, especially if it's only a few cards.

Also, I really appreciate receiving feedback after I have left it, as last time I left feedback for all the transactions and didn't get too much in return. I eventually want trading permission, so every feedback left is a big help!

Thanks all!
Tags: cards, wanted
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