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Claims for Okinawa Pikachu and Eevee/Growlithe Promotion!

Eevees picked up and packed! Working on sending totals now :)

So I’ve decided to head down to Okinawa for the exclusive promotion, and am going to do pickups. I am allowed to take 15 initial slots, with payment due after I pick up the items. I will be doing the first round of shopping on July 17. I will be able to invoice you that day, as long as all goes well. I’d like to be able to offer another round of 15 slots, so I ask that you please be able to pay me within 48 hours at the latest (24 would be appreciated, since I won’t be there that long!). If you can’t pay that quickly, I’ll try to bring home extras to do straight sales after the trip.

Right now slots are ONLY for the Eevees and regular size Okinawa Pikachu. I can get you the other items as well if you request at least one of those. I will likely bring home some of the smaller things for straight sales, for anyone not interested in the plush.

Here are my pickup prices - yes they are a little higher than what I’d normally sell something at, but please remember I am trying to recoup some of the travel cost because I am making a special trip :)

A: Eevee in Growlithe costume - Okinawan shisa - Normal version

Price: $55

B: Eevee in Growlithe costume - Okinawan shisa - Smile version

Price: $55

C: Set of both Eevees

Price: $100 Save $10!

D: Okinawan Pikachu plush

Price: $55

Extras (you can only request if you claim at least one of the above):

E: Okinawan Pikachu mascot (keychain) plush

Price: $24

F: Cookie box

Price: $15

G: Set of two clearfiles

Price: $10

H: Washcloth

Price: $10

1. Growly - Both Eevees, cookie box, clearfiles, washcloth
2. Leafeonprincess - Eevee smile ver.
3. Kuro_kage_kun - Both Eevees
4. Tifflesarcanine - Both Eevees, ccokie box, clearfiles
5. Tekiraboshi - Eevee normal ver.
6. Eeveelover91 - Both Eevees
7. Herar - Okinawa Pikachu
8. Zora_star - Eevee smile ver
9. Blurredlights - Both Eevees
10. Luvbi - Eevee normal ver
11. Sleep_is_god - Eevee normal ver
12. Usagimakeup - Eevee smile ver
13. Redkibajed - Both Eevees
14. Sparkling_pinku - Eevee smile ver
15. Nefithiel - Okinawa Pikachu

- Paypal payment only
- I ship internationally
- No trades
- Payment should be made within 48 hours of receiving initial invoice (which will be sent Monday July 17, as long as everything goes as planned.) I will ship while I am in Okinawa as long as I receive payment promptly.
- Please state what items you would like picked up, as well as your shipping COUNTRY and REGION (state, prefecture, whatever)
- Please be clear and say “committed” if you def want a spot on the list
- The price stated above for the items includes PP fees but not shipping
- You can choose airmail or EMS. I will charge actual shipping price plus 1.50 for shipping supplies plus PP fees.
- I was granted permission by areica96 to do these claims, with general sales permission granted 19 Feb 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback:
- These prices are only valid for this round of claims
- I live in Japan, so if I don't reply right away be be aware of the time difference!
Tags: eevee, growlithe
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