blueringumbreon (blueringumbreon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

DIY Backlight Project.

I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for a light for this sculpture. Well, I couldn't really find anything good pre-made, so I made one myself!

It's made from an led light rope I found on ebay, some styrofoam sheets cut to the shape of the piece, Plaster of Paris, and some paints. I cut a groove in the back styrofoam to hold the light in place. I was orriginally just going to paint the styrofoam, but it looked too bumpy. Someone at the craft store suggested the plaster of Paris and it worked great! It's like the stuff you use to smooth out bumps on drywall. I used a piece of felt to cover the light rope so it couldn't be seen through the glass. It's not perfect, you can see in the pictures that it doesn't sit flush against the back of the sculpture like I wanted it to, but the light works really well! I'm happy with it. Pictures:

Tags: espeon, umbreon

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