nosfurrettu (nosfurrettu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mirage Auction Reminder/ What is this Minun?

My mirage auction ends in a few hours. Most things still have no bids so don't miss your chance to grab a rare item!


Click the link to be transported:

Now I got this Minun Plush a few days ago and I'm wondering a) what is it? And b) is there a plusle?

It looks like a bath buddie to me because it has a sponge in it head and the fabric but the tag doesn't say who made it. It just says ninetendo/Pokémon/made in China.

If someone has the plusle (if it exists) I would love to buy her. :)

Update: I found the plusle exists but I still need to find one to buy! :3

Thanks for looking!
Tags: auction, minun, mirage, plusle

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