Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Denali Lobita

An Auction and a Want!

Grandfathered into sales permission with the start of the comm
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Location: USA

I am selling my rare PokéPark vinyl Groudon plushie!
These almost never come up for sale and mine is in great shape, tush tag only.
I sold one just like it for $78 seven years ago... the starting price on my auction is only $45, don't miss this great deal!

And I am seeking these stickers that came with the Okinawa exclusive Arcanine-Eevee cookie boxes!

I have the blue Pikachu sticker available for trade or sale if anyone is interested.

I am still a rather avid Growlithe/Arcanine collector, but LJ has become a bit inconvenient a platform for me, I'm afraid! If you are interested in having a look at my collection posts, I use Instagram to show off my new gets (username lobitaloot).

Thanks for looking!
Tags: arcanine, auction, eevee, groudon, pikachu

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