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Happy Meal Figure Claims Reminder + Sales

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the figures for the next round of happy meal toys are Pokemon and I am taking claims for them.
One thing I want to add though, is that after I have bought all toys on the list, I will not be accepting anymore claims. So as long as I still have toys on the list to pick up, I will keep claims open; but once they are all in-hand, pickups will officially close! Please keep that in mind if you are still considering making a claim.

All details can be found on my claims post. You can click here or the image to view it.

mcdp (Custom).jpg

And while I'm at it, my sales are still on!

Up on eBay now: (adding more very soon!)


I have a separate comm sale for Giant Wobbuffet here:

Trozei Lottery Cushion:


Question: If anybody is in the Facebook group 'Pokemon Collectors United', do you know if there are any requirements to joining it? I was recommended to join there, but I got rejected for some reason.
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