mayapology (mayapology) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Build A Bear gets!!!

Okay i know I'm super late to the build a bear pokemon stuff party haha but I just got eevee and charmander today, they're beyond cute!! I'm gonna go back soon to get squirtle before he's gone. The eevee was actually the last one they had left today!!

y'all have already seen this stuff so you can skip looking but I'm so hype about this

this pic is highkey ugly asf but they're my babies so its cool haha

So how do you guys like your build a bear plushies? I wanted to know if any of you got the special online edition stuff!! I was going to get those, but I really wanted the experience of going to the store and stuff so I skipped out. I'm super interested in the outfits though so I might just cave and buy them haha

hope you guys are having a great night! -Maya
Tags: charmander, eevee

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