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August Sales and Auction of rare plush!

Hello everyone!
Hope you're all having a great day!
Please read the rules carefully before buying and check out the new promotion: Orders over $50 USD will have free shipping!

And a little preview of this auction... Can you guess which Pokemon is this?


Sales permission granted on February 27th, 2017 by areica96.

- All PKMNcollector rules apply
- I won't sell to banned members.
- Whoever inquires about an item first gets priority. However, if there's not a reply in 24 hours, the item will go to the next person who was interested.
- I live in a smoke free but pet friendly home (they never go near the merchandise). I will check items for fur before packing them.
- I appreciate feedback and will leave feedback for you once the transaction is complete.

- I ship from México.
- Shipping Worldwide.
- Shipping is not included in the price, however, it starts at 7 USD for non-flats internationally (tracking number is included)
- Shipping can take up to 3 - 5 days (usually on Tuesday or Wednesday), however I'll let you know when the item is shipped.
- Please allow up to 15 - 20 days for the item to arrive to your country.
- I am not responsible for any items once they have been shipped.

- Payments through Paypal only.
- All prices are listed in USD and do not include shipping nor Paypal fees.
- Payments should to be made within 24 hours after I give a total.
- Holding items is okay if you are absolutely committed.
- Payment plans are alright if they do not exceed 5 months.
- On Paypal write your username and the item you bought, as well as the amount you send.

Feel free to ask for pictures!

- Mudkip Hasbro plush: $5 (eyes are damaged, loved)
- Combee bootleg: $4 (TTO)
- Oshawott Jakks plush: $8 (Mint with tag detached)
- Pidove Jakks plush: $8 (Mint with tag detached)
- Gengar Hasbro plush: $8 (TTO)
- Dratini KFC plush: $7 (TTO)
- Dewott Jakks plush: $8 (Mint with tag detached)
- Torchic Hasbro plush: $10 (TT cut by previous owner, but other than that, great condition)
- Marill Bootleg: $12 (TTO)
- Charizard plush: $6 (TTO, claws cut by previous owner)
- Kricketot bootleg: $4 (TTO)
- Chimchar Jakks plush: $8 (TTO)
- Monferno bootleg: $4 (TTO)

- Cherrim Sunshine form: $7 (TTO)
- Mew bootleg: $4 (TTO)
- Turtwig Electronic plush: $12 (TTO, talks but doesn't include batteries, both leaves on its head were sewn since they were loose)
- Piplup - Turtwig Electronic plush: $12 (TTO, talks but doesn't include batteries, has a small hole in one of its feet)
- Chingling bootleg: $4 (TTO)
- Chikorita bootleg: $4 (TTO)
- Lucario bootleg: $4 (TTO)
- Meowth Hasbro plush: $7 (TTO)
- Zoroark bootleg: $6 (TTO)
- Pignite Jakks plush: $8 (Mint with tag detached)
- Emolga bootleg: $6 (Tag detached)
- Pikachu (small) Jakks plush: $7 (TTO)
- Pikachu (big) plush: $9 (TTO, Right hand is missing a thread (it looks like it has 2 fingers only) and tail is detached from body)

Jolteon Tomy Takara plush: $18 (MWT, bought from allinia)

Mexican Mirages

- $70 each
- All of them are MWT.
- These apply for the free shipping promotion.

Sold: Mew and Flareon (ask if they're available though!)

Now onto the auction!
This a super rare 2007 Pokemon NYC Banette plush! It has all the tags, it's in mint condition.
It stands around 25cm tall!
It's a gorgeous plush for those who love Banette!

(A bit of a size reference!)

- Starts at 120 USD.
- Will end on August 13th, 2017 at 11 pm.
- Free shipping applies.

Thank you for reading, have a good day!
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